Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A FULL weekend

After 23 weeks two of our hens have finely started laying! My mum was ecstatic! It was hilarious; she opened the coop door and let out this loud "WHOOOP!!". She never made that noise before! She's usually quite laid back....
Anyway, after that she and I went to town to put my name on my 4-H group's bank account because last month I was elected Treasurer and Secretary. The whole switching over names and info took an hour, and I got to know "June" pretty well.:)
 Along the walls of the bank are big framed pieces of leather with lots of area ranch brands burned into them. I stared at those a lot as June straightened the records. There were some I knew and most I didn't. I tried deciphering them too. Brands are like a whole language of their own: There's the Walking J, a j with little 'feet'. The Triple C, three c's stuck together. The Flying E, or Lazy E, an E on it's back with 'wings'.    And those are just a few...! (the ones I can explain :P) Many of them I couldn't begin to read. A heart on a stick, the odd squiggle-bar-letter, and so on.

{{Can I just say right now that I love living the Western life? Just 'cause I really do! ;)}}
  After that it was off with my brother(who plays cello) to play at a special Mass for a friend's parent's anniversary. That went very well and I'm quite happy with my performance, if I do say so myself:) Yeah, I really enjoyed it :)

Sunday was the big violin concert. The very one I have been dreading. The one where... the Youth Orchestra plays! Ahhh! We were soooo not ready...! And yet... by some miracle we pulled together at literally the last second and sounded fine! Whoo! God is great!! I had been worrying a bit. Just a bit. O.o How fruitless it was! And I'm glad it was(:D
Em and I played The Lover's Waltz again and afterwards got asked to play it at a wedding, a concert, and a talent show! And almost every parent at the concert came up to us to say we did real well. That felt really good. I get a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about it:)

Yes. 'Twas a good, if packed, weekend.

I had regular violin lessons today and I discussed getting a better violin. The one I have now is good quality and good for starters, but now that I'm getting really, seriously into fiddling, I need one with not just good sound but great sound. I'm saving my money up and I hope to get one *maybe* by Christmas or later... Cross fingers! The one that I would really like is $9,000, but I don't think I can afford that so I'm shooting a bit lower. Okay, way lower. Like, less than $1,000. We'll see!! My birthday is coming up *gasp!* next week?? That snuck up! Yup, next Friday! Yay!! I'll have to stick one of those count down clocks up...! :D

~Till the next exciting thing!~Gwyn~


  1. I know, my dad did the same thing when our chickens starting laying!... parents *rolls eyes*... lol jk :D


  2. fun stuffs! :) glad the birdies are earning their keep, lol

    ooh, when I was in Montana and Wyoming this summer I was SO enthusiastic about the Western life! [still am...]

  3. Yeah, parents.... lol!!!

    Bethany, glad you like it :)