Sunday, February 10, 2013

a little pink ribbon

Remember back when I promised to write simpler, more frequent posts to you all? I am sorry it hasn't quite worked out that way. You see, I had thought I was getting everything back together again after months of upheavals and uncertainties. I thought I had found a new 'normal' and was prepared to settle in and take a break from constantly bracing for the next bombshell and its accompanying after-shock.
 Well, in the past three weeks my mother has been diagnosed and begun treatment for breast cancer.
The Lord is good and it was found very early; the doctor is almost certain that all of the cancer was removed in the surgery, and as soon as she is healed she will begin radiation treatments.
 Another shock and scare it was, to be certain, but looking back it was all clearly taken in hand by Our Father to put right.

I am certain Solomon had a time machine, or was on good terms with a Time Lord, because when he wrote Proverbs 31 he pretty much made a word portrait of my mother. The fact that she is worth far more than rubies is just the beginning.
Sometimes she tells us kids that she does not deserve us. We laugh and have to agree. What has she ever done, Lord, to deserve children with the stubbornness of Germans and sparking temper of the Irish?
Her children arise and call her bless├ęd...
Honor her for all that her hands have done,
and let her works bring praise at the city gates.
from Proverbs 31