Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fair Time!!! And the end of Frog's story

Yesterday we found Frog. He was all shriveled up and hanging from a spider's web. :'( Good bye, Frog! Rest in Peace!
The 4-H fair week is coming up
 and I thought I might share some of my entries with you guys.:)
For right now it'll just be my photography but later on I post my other stuffle:) Please share your opinions!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Giving CPR to a frog, Cousins coming, and Room painting

Okay, you're probably wondering what all these things have in common with each other, right? Well nothing really, except they all happened today.

Right, I'll start with the frog...
My little brother, 'J', found a teeny little frog in a dried out pond-bed and brought him back to the house to show it to me. (I love frogs!) Upon arriving with said frog, J gave him to me saying that it wasn't moving. Immediately I took the frog for examination. The poor thing wasn't breathing!! I  could just see its tiny heart beating irregularly. I told J to get me a toothpick for I had an outlandish idea: I was going to give the frog CPR.(I know. It seems stupid to me now, I mean these things live in water! Why would it be drowning?) Anyhoo, toothpick in hand I bent over the prone frog. Carefully I opened  his mouth (a very interesting sight, if I may say, you can see the bottoms of its eyeballs!) with the toothpick, and, with my pinky, pushed on its stomach. 
I repeated.
I did it again.
Still nothing.
"J," I said, "I don't think he'll---" I stopped.
He closed his mouth!
With renewed vigor and hope I did CPR another few times and the frog got better! I was astonished! What the heck! Who knew?
The frog slowly but surely started to recover! Yay! I saved the day! We put him in rehab(consisting of a cheese carton, a dish of water and a few leaves) and soon he was hopping around like nothing happend. J wanted to keep him over night and Mum said yes as long as it stayed in J's room.
The bad news: Next day there was no frog in the carton
The good news: Frog made a full recovery. Or, at least, he was well enough to escape to some where in J's room
Bad news: We havent found him yet
Soon my cousins will be coming!!!! Yay!!! We'll go to the lake, go cliff jumping, bridge jumping... I love summer! Don't be surprised if I don't blog during the first two weeks of August:)
I am finely going to paint my room! I've wanted to for 8 years! And now Mum and Dad say YES!!! Woot! Its gonna be turquoise and a kind of rust orange. So it'll look South Western:) Hurrah!