Thursday, January 15, 2015

bandwagon beginnings

It's the 15th already. 15 days into the 15th year of the 21st century.
  I am the kind of person who needs New Years to reevaluate and re-plan and gain new perspective. New years have such hope and promise in them. A promise I think we all crave by December.
Something new. A better year than last. A new start.
   For me
2015 means more...
-late night writing under the covers
-picture-taking of special people and special things
-whimsical watercolors, just because
-adventures in tea tasting 
-more daring celtic fiddling
-horse kisses & saddle sore legs
-keeping up with old friends: 
'come on over for some random new tea and s'mores by the fireplace!'
-travels to the sea
-singing with the piano
-devotion to Christ
...and hopefully a novel or two finished by Christmas