Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photography Blog

I went ahead and made one:) I've already posted on it - some pictures I took yesterday. So go check it out! And pleeeeeease follow!!
BIG thanks to all who commented and voted!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Should I?

Do you think I should start a photo blog? Please vote!
I take loads of pictures but I don't often post them, so maybe if I had a blog specifically for photos I'd do better.
Any thoughts?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I survive another day: Parrots & Play Practice

Today I am whacked. Period. Because yesterday I had a good 'adventure day', so to speak. All sorts of new things learned!
  I went on a field trip with my homeschool group to the parrot sanctuary{who new my state even had a parrot sanctuary!! I was very surprised.} Very awesome, or as Bethie would say "epic"! Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera{a huge mistake!!!} and I missed so many brilliant photo-ops I could have beat myself over the head with a large cudgel. I did take my phone and try taking pics but I'm not sure how to get them on the computer.
  There were about 50-70 beautiful birds, sizes ranging from a tiny sparrow proportions to nearly hawk sized birds.
 The sanctuary specialized in parrots and cockatiels mostly, though they had an endangered toucan that can only be found in three other places in the US -- all big city zoos! I was extremely surprised to see how small it was. When most people envision a toucan they think crow sized birds, right? Well, in fact most breeds are about the size of a downey woodpecker! Very cool.

Most all the birds there were from either abusive homes or ones that could no longer take care of them. Coming from all over. One little guy came clear from Hawaii.
The sanctuary does all it can to help the abused birds, I was amazed at the their dedication to the feathery critters. All the staff are volunteers and the sanctuary itself is nonprofit, and yet they drove all the way across the state to a vet to help rescue a love bird! Incredible.
 Many of the bird have horribly sad stories. One, a 65 year old crested cockatiel, its owner decided he didn't want it anymore and so poured a pot of boiling water over it in an effort to exterminate it. Another was left in its blanket covered cage in a dark basement for eight years. Another extremely rare red parrot's owners decided it would make a good dog toy. He now has only one eye and no tail.
There are other kinds of stories as well. One large parrot wasn't handled properly and bit a man finger off! Our tour guide told us that a parrot has as much force in its beak as a twelve foot alligator! Crazy stuff.

 All the birds emitted to the sanctuary are carefully retrained and cared for until they can be adopted out. Most birds who have been there a few months you cold never tell they had a hard life before hand. Others will never go up for adoption because the staff only trust professionals to care for them.{i.e. the one that bit a guys finger off probably won't be going anywhere soon.}
 You can tell that the staff genuinely care for and love the birds and the birds love them. Its very evident if you wish to adopt a bird. You have to put in a certain number of hours{usually around eight} connecting with your prospective bird and taking several classes with it to make sure you know how to care for it and that you get on with it well -- and even then sometimes the sanctuary will have to say no if they don't think your the 'right one'. Oh, I forgot. They also do a home inspection.
 They do all this because before when they had no criteria they would adopt out a bird and then a few days later see it on an illegal market for a lot of money.
I'm very glad I went, though. :) I saw the cutest tiny green parrot named Pete! He such had itybity eyes! So sweet. :)

I also had my first play practice yesterday. It went well. Lasted two hours, but I had a lot of fun. I've never acted before - well, not in public. lol! And I'm really liking it! I almost wish my part was bigger. Almost. :)
Its fun to watch the others too. Especially when they reach a part in the script where you invented an insult for the occasion :) "You piece of yesterdays mutton!" That was {one}mine!
Well, must dash. I've got a few chores to finish and Mum's getting impatient.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

*Whew!* The week of stress is over at last!

We did the recital Sunday and... Brother and I were awesome, if I do say so myself. I mean, for pulling it together in three days we were perfect :D Our teacher looked soooooo surprised! She must've been a bit jarred because she gave me a hug! That made it all worth it.

  • Made teacher proud  *check*
That's all I asked. :D

I was grinning all over my face the rest of the day. And people kept coming up to me and my brother saying "Good job" and "That was great!"

  That was easily the best recital -- if the most stressful and hard earned.:)

Yesterday, however, was a different story.
  I had a 4-H Public Presentation where you do a demonstration in front of a judge and other 4-Hers. I've done it before so it really didn't faze me; except for the fact I learned I had to do it the morning of. Another surprise! Oh, joy!
  So I crammed together a short demo on how to make a ribbon necklace.
Well, I get there, set up and begin and.... My mind goes completely blank. Nothing. At. All.
   It wasn't like I was nervous or anything -- I felt fine -- but I couldn't remember what the heck I was supposed to say. And the judge just sat there grinning at me. Not helpful.
   Ooooooh, I botched it soooo badly! It was like I'd never done one before -- no, worse. Much worse.

 You all probably know that I'm perfectionist{you could say its my "fatal flaw"} and if you didn't -- I am. So after that disastrous attempt at a demo I was so angry with myself, and still am a bit. Ergggg... It might have been from all the stuff last week and them this coming on so suddenly leaping at me like some deranged tiger... I don't know. But I could have done so-much-better!!! Grrrr!! It makes me so mad!

Ah, well. Today I have nothing ---nothing at all--- to do but work with my Fur-children{horses, dogs, and cat} What could be better? I think that God seriously gave animals therapeutic powers :)
Getting over it ~Gwyn

Vivien Leigh and a horse named Browni

I am of course talking about these... ;)

My Mum likes the actress Vivien Leigh a lot and so for Valentines Day a drew a picture of said actress for the front of Mum's card :) I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

This I did quite recently and I'm pretty happy with it... Mostly... I'd better stop looking at it closely or I'll take it down... :P


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Belated Saint Patrick's Day!!!! And read about my near nervous breakdown!

I miss yesterday because the weather was.... WONDERFUL! with a capital W!!! I'm talking sunny skies, no clouds, and it got up to 68*!!!! Crazy awesome. I spent most of it outside{of course} and found a poor little wild rabbit trapped underneath the hood of our old junk car. Poor thing's eyes looked like they were about to pop out. Literally. The dogs had had it up in there for who knows how long.
  I pet it a little, trying to coax it to make a break for it, and by Jove, it did! Off like a shot, it leapt over Molly{our lab} who snapped at it in mid-air, leaving a tuft of fluff in the Molly's jaws, and made a mad dash for the rocks way off with the dogs in full pursuit. I guess the Luck o' de Irish was with him for he made it. :) I can't but feel a little proud, saving a fellow creature and all :P

 Then we had a violin recital rehearsal in town. I'm supposed to be playing a duet with my brother{on cello} called Calliope House/Cowboy Jig{you can find it on my Playlist} anyway, very difficult song and I've been working my behind off getting it down. I've got it all except for the timing at the beginning which resolves itself as I go along. Anyway, last week I was supposed to go shopping for a new violin because the one I have now is a student violin and I need a more advanced one with better sound. That didn't happen and so I won't have a good violin for the really high parts on Calliope House and so it won't sound good. Not happy. And on top of that my brother hasn't practiced his part at all before the rehearsal. That in itself really ticked me off. the recital is SUNDAY!!! And when we were supposed to be warming up for the rehearsal he was writing in his part. He hadn't even transposed the second part of the song. I could have torn his head from his shoulders, I can tell you. Then{oh, yes, there's more!} while we're up there on the stage we're barely through eight measures before he tells me to stop playing because he needs to figure out the fingering. By that time I think the flames were spouting from my eyeballs. We, no, HE spent the next twenty minutes figuring out the song with our teacher.
SO, I have a squeaky violin, bad timing, a delinquent brother, and only about two tiny miniscule days to practice with said delinquent brother before we play before a huge audience full to the brim with people we know who I've been {foolishly} telling about this wonderful song and can you tell that I'm a little stressed out right now? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
~Lord, give me patience.~

On a much lighter note, Happy {belated}St. Patrick's day!!!!!! Here's a wee bit o' knowledge from the Emerald Isle
*The Irishman's 10 Commandments *
Thou shalt be loyal to family, friends and faith.
Thou shalt keep thy Irish eyes a-smilin'.
Thou shalt shy away from blarney.
Thou shalt honor thy motherland.
Thou shalt see the Trinity in every shamrock.
Thou shalt halve each potato out of love.
Thou shalt be kind to wee ones everywhere.
Thou shalt be generous with blessings,
song and stories.
Thou shalt follow every rainbow.
Thou shalt rest easy in the hollow of God's hand.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring? Not so fast.

This last week has been wonderful weather wise; in the upper forties with the sun shining, melting almost all our snow! There was so much that now the usually dry creek bed behind our house is running - albeit slowly.
I went riding{:D} and even the fetlock deep mud was welcome!
  Spring seemed to be coming timidly back. I saw three robins, one red-wing blackbird, a flicker{relative to the wood pecker} and a European collared dove. And a tiny clump of sprouting grass.
  Yes, well, that was yesterday.
Today I arose and drew back the curtains from my window, ready to greet a new day. But instead of being greeted with the much missed sun{we've had terrible fog all month except for the last few days}it was like winter had started all over again. A foot of snow had fallen in one night. The horrid, horrid fog has returned. The creek is frozen, and there's not a bird in sight.

Today we were supposed to go to the Big City where I would be violin shopping{finely!!!} but now we are under a "Winter Storm Warning: travel not advised". It's supposed to be a big blizzard coming in soon. Well, I should have expected it, I suppose. The calving season started Sunday with a pair of twins.{We don't ranch cows, but we have close fiends who do}. The lambing season is now over, too, the last ewe finally gave birth to a bouncing babe the other day. Looking at the lambs makes me miss my goats a lot. But they're long gone :( I wish Garm at least didn't have to be sent to the meat shop! He was the best goat I ever had!!!!
  maybe I can convince dad to get one or two kids again this summer..... While I'm wishing, I'd like a colt to break this summer too!

  Does anyone else have plans involving a furry friend this summer?


Saturday, March 6, 2010

She's a GUY?????!!!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. In my Shakespearian play I have been cast as a pompous, fat, short, idiotic father of the play's heroin. It was either that or the airbrained, lovelorn girl herself. So I chose the lesser of two evils; hoping that someone else would fit the bill better than I -- then I could just finish writing the play, draw up the scenery, arrange the music, and play the music.
  I'm kind of looking forward to it. :) Has anyone seen that old "Little Women" movie where Jo plays the part of the bearded villain? Well, that's where I'm getting my inspiration :D {"Eh?! Eh?!" * pulls beard* lolz!}

This isn't the one I watched{I watched the 1949 version. Way funnier looking!} but, you get the idea :D 

I'm off to the cinema soon! To see "The Lightning Thief" with my best friend!

Monday, March 1, 2010

In which I inform you...

I haven't posted in awhile so I just thought I'd let you know I haven't died or anything :)

  Truth be told, I've been a bit overwhelmed of late. Me and a few other girls from my home school group have at last finished writing/arranging the Shakespeare play "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  Making it kid-friendly and funny. With Shakespeare? After every meeting you come out with the feeling that your brains have been BBQed.
  When I'm waiting in line at the Pearly Gates I hope I meet W. Shakespeare. So I can sock him in the eye.
Aside from that....
  I'm also involved in the musical arrangement of the play. I'm sure that will be fun. Right?
Ah, well. At least my mum's trying to back my brothers into auditioning for parts. *big evil grin* I'm on the judging panel too.

But what is really getting me piqued is in a very few weeks my brother and I are preforming a very difficult Celtic song at a concert and we *just* got the music for it. Ig. O.o
 Oh, speaking of Celtic, Happy March everyone! The longest, blizzardiest{is that a word? I don't think so.}, darkest, boringest, month of the entire year for us living waaaaaaaayy up here *points*. Bleck. But it is the month of the Irish, so that makes it better :) *jigs*
And speaking once again of Irish/Celtic, I found the most amazing Celtic singer!! Her name is Kate Rusby and she-is-fantastic! I love her style, her voice -- everything!! Check her out on Youtube if you like that kind of music ;)

And now I must go feed my darling horses and grab a bite myself before its off to jolly old Youth Orchestra!*through clinched teeth* Where I will sit In the Back Row. With the boys.

Trying to remain sane ~Gwyn