Saturday, March 6, 2010

She's a GUY?????!!!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. In my Shakespearian play I have been cast as a pompous, fat, short, idiotic father of the play's heroin. It was either that or the airbrained, lovelorn girl herself. So I chose the lesser of two evils; hoping that someone else would fit the bill better than I -- then I could just finish writing the play, draw up the scenery, arrange the music, and play the music.
  I'm kind of looking forward to it. :) Has anyone seen that old "Little Women" movie where Jo plays the part of the bearded villain? Well, that's where I'm getting my inspiration :D {"Eh?! Eh?!" * pulls beard* lolz!}

This isn't the one I watched{I watched the 1949 version. Way funnier looking!} but, you get the idea :D 

I'm off to the cinema soon! To see "The Lightning Thief" with my best friend!


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