Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's in the rain

The sky is crying. It's tears trace my finger tips at the touch of a new leaf.
 I feel wonderfully nostalgic, yet content at the same time.
Enya's music seems more poignant when listened to outside in the rain, add in the the Fae-like atmosphere. It's times like this when my world, Ithreal, and all my characters -- Cilla, Tovah, Skyrian, Gana... -- seem so close. Just out of reach.
 Sometimes that feeling is painful, sometimes it's exhilarating.

The wind begins to pick up and chill my hands so I turn back for the house. Along the way I glance at the rising waters in the creek and quietly send up a small prayer for those facing flooding and worse.

 There is no Hammie to run beside me, Hooey to trot ahead, or Molly to greet me at the door, they're safe and warm on their rugs in Da's studio. The little chickens had probably finished eating now and are snuggling down together under the light. Everything has a cozy feel to it. Cozy gets me thinking: time for a cup of tea and a good 1920's mystery.

Today my sister flies back, so I have a feeling everyone will kind of take the day off. Spend time doing the small things that often get pushed aside, like writing letters, drawing and painting, wandering through the pages of Scripture in search of good verses for handmade cards. That sort of thing.

Life's been a bit of a curveball of late, so I'm making today a day of rest and thought.

I hear leaves drinking rain; 
I hear rich leaves on top 
Giving the poor beneath 
Drop after drop; 
'Tis a sweet noise to hear 
These green leaves drinking near.

And when the Sun comes out, 
After this Rain shall stop, 
A wondrous Light will fill 
Each dark, round drop; 
I hope the Sun shines bright; 
'Twill be a lovely sight.
The Rain by William Henry Davies

Have a listen...

Until the sun shines,

Friday, May 13, 2011

'The days are just packed' - Calvin & Hobbes

I don't know about where you live, but spring around here has been marvelous! And with my eldest sister here, we've been doing a million things a day it seems. On sunny days: picnics at the park, riding horses, 'playing' with the little chickens, campfires.... And the days when it rains? Turns out has I Love Lucy episodes :)

 Today and yesterday was/will be hectic, though. Today is the day of the wedding I'm playing in, and whoooeee! Suffice it to say I got most of my music on Wednesday, annndd the rest I got last night at the rehearsal. Gulp. It'll be interesting!
 But on to a more interesting topic! {and one I have pictures of}

The other night we firebugs of the family {me and Little Brother} chopped firewood and gathered green roasting branches. I also snapped a few photos of the new sights of spring.
 I think this is a boxelder tree.... Kind of crumby bark, but awesome looking seeds!
Mum and everyone else came out and brought with them the best part of any campfire.....
The fixings of yumness. Have I ever mentioned I have a sweet tooth? It's the size of my head. Any other kind of food I don't care for, but chocolat? ... I've eaten one of those truffle boxes that you can get at Walmart for like $3.... by myself. I can't help it!! It's a problem I blame on my German half.
I like toasted 'mallows too. This one I caught on fire. I wanted a shot of it still flaming, but I guess Mum draws the line on my extreme lengths to get a photo when it could involve her hair catching fire.
 In case you're wondering, I've been known to lean out car windows, climb trees, and hang upside-down if I think I can get a good photo. It's kinda fun, actually.
Darn it! I'm making myself hungry!
 Does anyone else lovelove the sticky goodness of s'mores? Little Brother had marshmallow goo up to his eyebrows :)
I like messing around with the charcoal. This above is my name in Elvish. I think. I learned it back when I was a huuuge fan of LotR {when it came out in the early '00s}, so it's been awhile.

Oh, I cannot leave out this little guy I found two nights ago...
I was walking the dogs before putting them in for the night when I heard rustling in the grass. At first I freaked out - just a little. You know, I froze like a hunted hare. But I have a reason for that!  I have a reason! The night before I had a dream I was walking down the same road and came across six skunks and a bear and her two cubs. While I knew it wasn't going to be a bear {we don't have those around here} skunks seem to thrive on our place.
 Eventually I tracked down the noise to this little bugger. Isn't he sweet? I had to bring him to the house for everyone to see. They weren't too thrilled, except for LB, who got the camera out.
Toads and frogs and snakes I just love. Snakes could be a little more friendly, but they are so cool to watch, and if you do find I nice one, they're really fun to play with as well. Do you like reptiles?

Alas, for I must dash!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I promised you cuteness...

But it's late in coming. And I only have two good photos right now, but it's of one of my awesome lil 'fro chickies and then some kind of white Auracuana {sp?} :)

My orange lookin hands and a sleepy fuzzball
Our server is having a lot of trouble lately - as in, not working - so I've been enjoying a loooooooong break from the computer. Also, my eldest sis is back for a month on her summer break and we've been donin' stuff. And I have a wedding to play for next week. Hoping the bride gives me the music soon. Haha. And I think I have a music gig Mother's Day.
 So yeah, I'm not exactly lounging around but I'm finding time to ride my Roanie, watch a movie with the family, write a sentence here and there for TLOS, make a coin necklace {maybe coming soon - no promises though, considering my record}, make bday and Mother's day gifts, plan the garden, snap some photos at the park, run from wasps, chase the dogs away from a new 'treasure' - a dead cow. OmyWORD did it smell!! Uuugh!!
 I also found a new book series that I like: The Monster Blood Tattoo by.... {insert two initials} Cornish. I wasn't too sure about it because of the title {sounds rather dark and primitive}, but I was mildly surprised, and enjoyed the writer's style. While this probably won't become one of  my favorite series, I do think they're worth a look. They're pretty fast reads too - I got the first one Saturday and I've only got a chapter left. I didn't even read it every day.
 If your looking for a slightly steampunk-ish book with a lot of world detail {the author created a very vivid world through his illustrations, the glossary, and notes}, try The Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling{book one} and see what you think.

Right. Now I've got loads to do and people telling me so. So, til next time, when ever that will be.