Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Olive Tree's Exta Tigerdark

Here you are! You can click to enlarge...
I didn't use any visual aid or 'dummies' for this one, and its the first one I've done like this too:) That's why she's not perfect..:){Ugh! I can't get over the legs! I started her too low down so I was running out of room and had to shorten her up a bit...} I don't have anything against Tats:) as long as they're decent :D. I based hers on an islander pattern I once saw... I couldn't fit three stripes without making it look like too much. I like the face detail, if I do say so myself:)
Hope you like it!! ~Gwyn

Monday, December 28, 2009

The CornetCrazie's Kasta Shepshier

-Click to enlarge even More!-

Whoohoo! Record time!
The black kind of looks green on the computer..:/ Oh, well.
I hope you like it:) Tell me what you think!
If you do take this, please have a note saying I did it. Thanks!
-Want one of your character? Check out the post below!-

Costume design, anyone?{writers please read}

Alright. I am trapped inside my home during a blizzard that is going to go down in history, SO, with four feet of snow out my window, I feel like designing some outfits... But can't think of anything. Alas! So I had this thought, do any of you writers have a dress or something that your heroin wears in your books that you'd like me to draw? I'm afraid I don't have a guy "dummy" so it would have to be a girl.{besides, their clothes are much more fun:)}

I'll use HB pencils and colored pencils for the color. I could even try water-color paints if you'd like.

Well, if you do have something for me just comment with a DETAILED description of whatever it is{dress/armor} AND the character, and when I finish I'll post it up here and you can take it and what not:)
If you don't quite have it sorted out, you can give me your idea(s) and I can go from there.
Example images would be fine, if you have one.

One costume can take from one hour to four.

Example comment:
(start with character)
Era/Genre: Fantasy-medieval
Name: Gwyn
Hair color: dark brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: light
Freckles: light dusting on bridge of nose
Type: Everyday/light armor
Clothing Descrip.: White blouse, forest green cloth pants, leather jerkin, leather riding skirt.
-Details-{customize to fit yours}
Blouse- light fabric, laced wedge in front :white
Pants- Cloth w/ leather cording :F. green
Jerkin- laced front
Skirt- not quite knee length, Plain {no embroidery/embossing/etc}
Shoes- Tall dark leather riding boots
Cloak/cape- none
Jewelery- Necklace:Small sapphire on silver chain

Well, I hope I didn't make that confusing.:)
Please send ideas!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

{Top Books to Read '09} MUST READS

These are the books that amazed, touched, and transformed the way I see/write and even think in some cases! So therefor MUST READS!

1. The Books of Pellinor{the Naming, The Riddle, The Crow, and The Singing}
A fantasy series by Allison Croggen said by some critics to rival Tolkin's writings! While I wouldn't take it quite that far, she is certainly one of the best fantasy writers of our time

The story follows a girl named Meared as she comes to learn she is a Bard, and not just a Bard, but also the Chosen One said to over throw Sharma{love that name, by the way}, the Dark Lord. But in order to fulfill her destiny, one which she herself is uncertain of, she must unlock the riddles that surround her past, present, and future. She must travel all over Annar in search of the answers, but in a land tearing apart from the strain of war and discord, danger lurks behind every bend of the road.

If you like fantasy, originality, danger, traveling, adventure and all the things that come with it, this book is for you! Simply amazing writing and extreme plot twists that will leave you staring at the page for ten minutes, wondering if you really read that... Even my Mum enjoyed it.
Ages 14+ for fantasy violence and plot line

2. From Baghdad, with love: A Marine, the war, and a dog named Lava
A true story written by Lt. Col. Jay Kopelman with Melinda Roth. This was a real eye-opener to the life of a solider in Iraq. Filled with the raw emotions of a Marine on duty and a ray of hope for human decency in the form of a small stray puppy.

{excerpt from inside cover} When Marines enter an abandoned house in Fallujah, Iraq, and hear a suspicious noise, they clench their weapons, edge around the corner, and prepare to open fire.
What they find during the US-led attack on the "most dangerous city on Earth", however, is not an insurgent bent on revenge, but a tiny puppy left behind when most of the city's population fled before the bombing. Despite military law that forbids the keeping of pets, the Marines de-flea the pup with kerosene, de-worm him with chewing tobacco, and fill him up on Meals Ready To Eat.
Thus begins the dramatic rescue attempt of a dog named Lava and Lava's rescue of at least one Marine, Lt. Col. Jay Kopelman, from the emotional ravages of war.
From hardened Marines to war-time journalists to endangered Iraqi citizens, From Baghdad, With Love tells an unforgettable true story of an unlikely band of heroes who learn unexpected lessons about life, death, and war from a mangy little flea-ridden refugee.
Incredible read; makes me want to help the export of Marine dogs from Iraq and give them all homes.
Ages: Very mature 15+, maybe even older. Was written for adults. So, caution! For very real, slightly graphic violence, strong language, and strong emotion

3. The Hiding Place
Also a true story. By Corrie Ten Boom
Incredible story of a Dutch family who decide to hide and help Jews during WWII. Their faith in God is amazing and changed the way I see many things.
Eventually caught, Corrie and her sister, Betsey, are taken to a concentration camp in Germany, where, against all odds, they continue to bring God's word to others and grow in Him. This story proves beyond measure that no matter how dark times get, God's Light shall shine through, that He is always there and caring for His children.
An incredible story of forgiveness, faith, hope, and thankfulness, this is a book I think everyone needs to read, especially today.
Ages 13+

Like I said before, these are books that i don't just like{there would be far more} but books that changed the way I see or do things, and books I think that need to be shared. :)
Tell me if you've read one of them and what you thought! ~Gwyn

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quick update...

{May I call your attention to my new profile pic? Yes, it is me and Shyanne:)}
Hammie's operation went well. Bill{the vet} said it was a good thing we didn't wait any longer because the ligament was practically gone. O.o Poor baby! I went in Thursday to learn his PT exercizes, and so on. He had to be kept in a kennel for five days to keep him off his leg. That didn't go over well with him, being Corgi/Ausi and all. They said his leg won't be totally healed for about 8 months. That's a very long time for the active guy.
As my absence testifies, I have been extremely busy and still am. Hammie's PT takes up quite a bit of time and my brother and I are very popular this season for playing at churchs'. Too bad this isn't the ideal year for it people! For us anyways. Oh, well. Show must go on and all that.
Remember I mentioned awhile back that I had the flu? It turns out I don't have the flu but worse, there is mold in one of my bedroom walls. Eergh!! I do not need this right now!!
Sunday I was really sick, but couldn't stay home because I had to play 1st violin at two Church services and the Children's Christmas Program. Monday was the second Midnight Mass practice at the Catholic Church. I'm 1st violin there, too. Tonight's another and tomorrow night it's show time! This is the third year we've played at the Catholic's MN Mass. It's like the highlight of our music year; it's the biggest church around; their biggest holiday... so we're very flattered to be asked to play for them every year.{'specially cause we're Lutheran :D} Needless to say though, it's very stressful. There's new music this year, and... Okay I *love* the latin mass and the *beautiful* latin music tunes, but, it is very hard to play! It was originally written for voices alone, which is great!...If you're in the chorus.
With voice you can easily go from a low C to a higher B. But on violin you have to cross two strings. And when you put the C-B in a run O.o
We've got one more practice...<:)

Yesterday hor-frost covered everything in beautiful white spears. Got some awesome photos I'll try and post later on this week. Today we got an almost white-out snowstorm that's hitting most of the US looks like. Fist power out too. Joy.

If I survive tomorrow, I might post...
It's getting dark and I haven't feed my horses yet. So Happy Christmas Eve's eve! If you live some place warm, I envy you. ~Gwyn

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In which I cover something without thinking

Well, today I am ill so I searched Ranger's Apprentice FanFic to pass the time. O.o You would not believe what some people come up with. One{female} fan wrote that Will was related to the girl he falls in love with in the books for this reason, and I quote:"You know what this means, girls! He's up for grabs!" O.o Soak my brains in acid for I am totally embarrassed to be female right now! What on earth has the world come to???? I know boys are no better. But seriously! When my Grandmum was 14 she was teaching school in a one room prairie schoolhouse to children ranging from 3 to 18! Could any of today's teens do as much? I really don't think so. No, its seems that to a lot of people responsibility is to take or leave. Along with manners, respect for self and others... God. Aha. That may be where the train left the tracks. Since when did it become okay to take or leave God?
That's like creating a robot and then having it say there's no such thing as a creator. If it decides to believe that you do exist, well then, you should be indebted to it and fill its exspectations{sp} of what a creator should be. This sound wrong to you?
There is a common mistake made in Christianity that is self-sanctification. We might and perhaps often do make it unknowingly when we say "I accepted Jesus" At first glance it doesn't seem wrong, but look closer. When you say "I accepted Jesus" who really has the power? *I* accepted Jesus. Therefore *I* should get to go to heaven, because *I* made that choice. I-I-I-I-I! The focus is taken off Jesus when in fact, "I cannot, by our own reason or strength, believe in Jesus Christ" How then can we? The Holy Spirit. "...but the Holy Spirit has called me by the Gospel,... sanctified and kept me in the one true faith." So really, you see, we are by nature spiritually blind, dead, and an enemy of God. But through the Holy Spirit are we enlightened.
If we believe that it is because of our choice that we believe in God, our house is built upon the sand. But when we know that we have been called and truly believe He is our Lord, then our house is built upon the Rock.

....That just kind of flowed out of me. In fact, when I began writing this post I was just going to say that I started writing my own fanfic for RA. It's great when you're sick because you have a line to follow and you don't have to think real hard. :) Otherwise I wouldn't bother and be working on my own novel. but I have to really think for that;P I'm sick! i should be able to enjoy the candy of adding on to someone elses work, right? If you'd like to read it just comment{though, you have to have read the 1st book}
Okay, I am starved for reasons I shan't go into other than one word: stomach flu
Remaining cheerful and enlightened ~Gwyn

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The weather is frightful! "don't forget me! I'm in there too!" Be quiet, Newton!

Oy! You know its cold when your eyelashes freeze together when you blink and freeze to your skin when you open them!
Last night it got down to -16 with a wind chill[that hasn't warmed up] of -27*!! It's now a balmy 6* above! We were praying our water pipes didn't freeze last night, and thankfully, they haven't! YAY! That has to be one of the worst parts of winter.
Our water tank on the other hand is nearly frozen solid >~<. By some miracle there's still about 4" of water left so we won't have to start hauling water in buckets till tonight. UGH!! I HATE hauling water! Sorry, just had to rant for a second...
Today we also have music lessons and shopping. That'll be fun in the but cold ;l Oh, no. *moans* That means we'll get home after dark {it gets dark @ 4:00pm} so we'll be feeding and hauling water in the dark! Maaaaaann! "Suck it up, Princess!" Hey! Don't you call me princess! "You're acting like one." Newton! Shut up! YOU get to stay here inside and be plugged into your nice warm charger! *Newton: sticks disk tray out* I knew I should have gotten Clara. Even if she didn't have a WIFI card. But no, I got the smart mouthed $200s more you! "And you're glad you did, prissy" I've about had it..! "You know people are going to read this" ......Oh.Right.... Back on topic!...Newton, what was the topic?? "You were complaining" *glares* Okay. I get your point. Right. I'm doing it for the things I hold most dear: my fur-children. So I shan't complain. Right. *nods impressively, hands on hips*
On to the good news!
"About time..!"
Newton, I shall ignore that last snide comment and continue with my post. On to the GOOD news!
Today I finished my math book and so... am on Christmas break!!!!!!!! Whooohoooo! Three WEEKS off!!!!!! Can you believe it?? Sweetnes!
Its mainly because I have to help Mum a lot. We have 27+ cookie trays to make and send out for Christmas and I've got several horse-hair necklaces to make by next week. Should be fun. I got some really beautiful horse pendants for them; I'll have to post pics when I get them done. Speaking of pics, the reason I haven't posted any of getting the Christmas tree is because my Dad has been making a DVD of hi sculptures on the iMac which has all the pics on it. And Newton doesn't have enough memory to hold my story and 80+ pictures and run fast enough for me. "Say what?" That's why I got him under $500. :)

Update on Hammie: He's going to have surgery next Wednesday to repair his ligament. Afterward its going to be really hard to keep him from running about like he usually does. We might have to get "ace" for dogs or what ever they use for them. Have you ever tried to keep a corgi/ shepherd cross calm? Not easy. Even now, when it hurst him to move, he runs after the truck and jumps around. Hmmm. That dog:)

Well, I guess that's I really have to say. Cheers!~Gwyn Farewell~Newton
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
"I'm insulted!"
Oh please.....
"You just hush! Or I'll...I'll post all your passwords! Ha!"
You wouldn't dare!
"Oh, I think I would."
Don't look so smug. Remember, I have your power cord! Ha, trump that, Newt!
>:) I win.
"...For now...."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Makeover!

Do you like it? Vote!

Today we started putting up the Christmas stuff so I put it up on here too! Spread the cheer! I'll post about getting our tree tomorrow....

A vet trip

 The day before yesterday my sister took Hammie and Hooey in to the vet; Hooey to get booster shots and Hammie because he has been limping with his right back leg for about a week now.
The worst we thought it could be was maybe a sprain; after all, he didn't seem to be much pain.
My sister got back late and when she came in the door she was in tears. I'm telling you right now it takes A LOT to make her cry. But when it comes to our animals.... I nearly died. I could not imagine not having Hammie. Just writing it now is hard.

It turns out he experienced CCR:Cranial Cruciate Rupture.
It's not incureable{thank you,Lord!} It can be mended with surgery, but it won't ever be quite the same. But as long as we don't have to put him down, I'm happy!
He's not in much pain now, which is good. I don't know when we'll take him in to be patched up, but I did find out its close to $7oo+ just for the surgery, not including therapy....oy... I think that was why my sister was so upset; She's got a huge college work load{one more class and she'd have to get permission from the Dean} and has two jobs to pay for that and rent and she just had to get a new car and fix it up. She was afraid she couldn't afford Hammie's treatments{he is her dog, though he lives with me}. Well, she forgot just how much we love our Ham-Bone! I'm gonna throw in my savings for that violin{what's an instrament compared to my lil boy?} and Dad said he'd help her out too.
So lets pray for a quick surgery and speedy recovery for the little Fur-Child. He has been such a blessing to us. I wonder if he knows just how much....

"Give thanks unto the Lord in all circumstances..."
Lord, thank You for Hammie.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guess what i got...!!

Ho, yes! Today my eldest sister and I went to 'The Big City' {see city adventure} to go Christmas shopping and stuff like that. Well, I took a bit more money than I usually do{anything over $2o :P. What can I say? I'm cheap!} and we 'happened' by Computer Village on the way back A-and... I'm writing you from the newly christened 'Newton' iBook. *squeals!* My own laptop! I bought it with my own money so I shall be *very* careful with Newton:) Like the name, by the way? I thought it appropriate considering he's an Apple. Comically sophisticated; I call it:) Or simply Me-ness.

On another note; yesterday the weather took a turn for the WAY worse. It is now snowing profusely and bone-chillingly cold. 16* and a wind chill of around -10* and blowing real hard. And this isn't our normal dry-cold either; to make us more miserable {it seems to me} it's very damp too. Yuck. There's about a 2 inch layer of ice on the water troughs mornings and nights; that's always a good sign telling you it's really to cold, if you are somehow unable to feel the icy daggers of the wind.
I was chopping the ice this morning and splashed my Carhart covered leg; the water froze in less then ten seconds. O.o I hate winter.
Well, now that I've rejoiced and ranted with you guys I must charge head first into said hated weather in order to feed my poor fuzzy ponies. Cheers!Gwyn

p.s. Sometime I have got to share a book with you. Its an amazing true story...! Okay, okay. Enough procrastinating.... well, here I go.... Maybe... Its getting dark out....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I LOVE Picnik!!!!