Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The weather is frightful! "don't forget me! I'm in there too!" Be quiet, Newton!

Oy! You know its cold when your eyelashes freeze together when you blink and freeze to your skin when you open them!
Last night it got down to -16 with a wind chill[that hasn't warmed up] of -27*!! It's now a balmy 6* above! We were praying our water pipes didn't freeze last night, and thankfully, they haven't! YAY! That has to be one of the worst parts of winter.
Our water tank on the other hand is nearly frozen solid >~<. By some miracle there's still about 4" of water left so we won't have to start hauling water in buckets till tonight. UGH!! I HATE hauling water! Sorry, just had to rant for a second...
Today we also have music lessons and shopping. That'll be fun in the but cold ;l Oh, no. *moans* That means we'll get home after dark {it gets dark @ 4:00pm} so we'll be feeding and hauling water in the dark! Maaaaaann! "Suck it up, Princess!" Hey! Don't you call me princess! "You're acting like one." Newton! Shut up! YOU get to stay here inside and be plugged into your nice warm charger! *Newton: sticks disk tray out* I knew I should have gotten Clara. Even if she didn't have a WIFI card. But no, I got the smart mouthed $200s more you! "And you're glad you did, prissy" I've about had it..! "You know people are going to read this" ......Oh.Right.... Back on topic!...Newton, what was the topic?? "You were complaining" *glares* Okay. I get your point. Right. I'm doing it for the things I hold most dear: my fur-children. So I shan't complain. Right. *nods impressively, hands on hips*
On to the good news!
"About time..!"
Newton, I shall ignore that last snide comment and continue with my post. On to the GOOD news!
Today I finished my math book and so... am on Christmas break!!!!!!!! Whooohoooo! Three WEEKS off!!!!!! Can you believe it?? Sweetnes!
Its mainly because I have to help Mum a lot. We have 27+ cookie trays to make and send out for Christmas and I've got several horse-hair necklaces to make by next week. Should be fun. I got some really beautiful horse pendants for them; I'll have to post pics when I get them done. Speaking of pics, the reason I haven't posted any of getting the Christmas tree is because my Dad has been making a DVD of hi sculptures on the iMac which has all the pics on it. And Newton doesn't have enough memory to hold my story and 80+ pictures and run fast enough for me. "Say what?" That's why I got him under $500. :)

Update on Hammie: He's going to have surgery next Wednesday to repair his ligament. Afterward its going to be really hard to keep him from running about like he usually does. We might have to get "ace" for dogs or what ever they use for them. Have you ever tried to keep a corgi/ shepherd cross calm? Not easy. Even now, when it hurst him to move, he runs after the truck and jumps around. Hmmm. That dog:)

Well, I guess that's I really have to say. Cheers!~Gwyn Farewell~Newton
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
"I'm insulted!"
Oh please.....
"You just hush! Or I'll...I'll post all your passwords! Ha!"
You wouldn't dare!
"Oh, I think I would."
Don't look so smug. Remember, I have your power cord! Ha, trump that, Newt!
>:) I win.
"...For now...."


  1. Hauling water does definitely suck. :( I don't look forward to that. Good luck with Hammie. I know how difficult it can be to keep them calm. Try teaching him tricks or something that keeps his brain active but his body still. Mental tasks can be as exhausting as physical ones. Good luck!!

  2. OH MY GOSH it must be SO COLD there!!! it recently got to the 20's here.