Monday, December 28, 2009

Costume design, anyone?{writers please read}

Alright. I am trapped inside my home during a blizzard that is going to go down in history, SO, with four feet of snow out my window, I feel like designing some outfits... But can't think of anything. Alas! So I had this thought, do any of you writers have a dress or something that your heroin wears in your books that you'd like me to draw? I'm afraid I don't have a guy "dummy" so it would have to be a girl.{besides, their clothes are much more fun:)}

I'll use HB pencils and colored pencils for the color. I could even try water-color paints if you'd like.

Well, if you do have something for me just comment with a DETAILED description of whatever it is{dress/armor} AND the character, and when I finish I'll post it up here and you can take it and what not:)
If you don't quite have it sorted out, you can give me your idea(s) and I can go from there.
Example images would be fine, if you have one.

One costume can take from one hour to four.

Example comment:
(start with character)
Era/Genre: Fantasy-medieval
Name: Gwyn
Hair color: dark brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: light
Freckles: light dusting on bridge of nose
Type: Everyday/light armor
Clothing Descrip.: White blouse, forest green cloth pants, leather jerkin, leather riding skirt.
-Details-{customize to fit yours}
Blouse- light fabric, laced wedge in front :white
Pants- Cloth w/ leather cording :F. green
Jerkin- laced front
Skirt- not quite knee length, Plain {no embroidery/embossing/etc}
Shoes- Tall dark leather riding boots
Cloak/cape- none
Jewelery- Necklace:Small sapphire on silver chain

Well, I hope I didn't make that confusing.:)
Please send ideas!!!!


  1. Era/Genre: Modern, Realistic Fiction

    Name: Kasta Shepsheir

    Hair color: Dark brown, straight little below shoulder-length

    Eyes: Bright green, brown rectangular glasses

    Skin: Very light

    Freckles: none
    Type: Everyday

    Clothing Description.: jeans, converse, t-shirt
    -Details-{customize to fit yours}

    Jeans- dark blue skinny

    Shoes- purple and black converse

    Shirt- white feminine cut with black treble clef sign

    Jewelry- lots of black and white bracelets

  2. This'll be cool! ^_^

    Era/Genre: Medieval, fantasy

    Name: Exta Tigerdark

    Hair color: Brown, choppy in front, woven into VERY long braid interwoven with a few feathers

    Eyes: Catlike green, large and very elongated, ends tip upward slightly

    Skin: deeply tanned

    Ears (added because they're important)- very very long, stick out to the sides almost horizontally

    Freckles: spattering across nose
    Type: Travel (she only really has one set)

    Clothing Description.: knee-high leather boots, deerskin tan leggings, brown linen skirt, white blouse, leather vest... thing, bow and arrows, occasionally a cloak

    -Details-{customize to fit yours}

    Boots- lace-up, tough leather, knee-high

    Leggings- creamy tan, deerskin, skintight

    Skirt- soft leather, diagonally cut (one side halfway down calf, the other just above the knee), ragged with a few holes

    Shirt- Loose white blouse, slightly puffed lower sleeves. Looks very beat-up.

    Vest-thing- sleeveless leather vest, corset-like lacings up the front

    Jewelry- about three earrings in each ear, of various types, and an armguard

    Weapons- very long bow (about half her height) and a quiver of arrows slung over her shoulder

    Tattoos (they're part of her heritage, don't yell at me)- three orangey-brown stripes (like henna) on each of her cheeks, going horizontally

    Cloak (only worn when traveling at night)- dark green material, hooded (you don't have to draw it)

    This'll be so cool! ^_^ I'll do one of her to see how we compare... as a writer this is awesome because I get to see how other people visualize my MC! Thanks bunches!

  3. Era: Medieval

    Name:Laurel (she doesn't have a last name)

    Hair: reddish orange (more orange than red) :)

    Eyes: green with a hint of blue

    Skin: Slightly tan

    Clothes: Long medieval gown (any color you want to do it is fine with me) in the middle of the skirt it is a different pattern than the rest.

    boots: they look like black ridding boots but they probably won't show much.

    Jewelry: a heart-shaped locket around her neck and a beaded bracelet on her left wrist.

    Other: She has a sword buckled around her waist. The sheaf is plain except for a leaf imprinted on it.

    Thanks! Hey use these as guidelines but show how you imagine what she looks like. By the way this is my person who is in the group story on the blog The Elven Inkslingers.

  4. Hey I accidentally told you the wrong name but If you already did it it's fine...I meant Meggie and she has black hair...sorry...if you already did it it is fine!

  5. No problem! Caught it just in time:)

  6. Name: Hannah Cadwell

    Era: Medieval.

    Eyes: Dark blue.

    Clothes: She has a plain brown dress a couple of inches below the knee. There is a white wedge that laces in the front. Sorry, I don't know how else to describe it.

    Shoes: She wears old scuffed boots, but well fitting.

    Hair: Her hair is a dark brown; smooth and long. She usually has the front hair pulled pack into a ponytail.

    Height: She is rather tall, about

    Random: She is very caring and she smiles a lot. She's just an ordinary peasant girl.

    Weight: She's very slim and graceful.

    If you need anymore information, my email is