Tuesday, April 22, 2014

make way for ducklings

Pongo, Biscuit, & Beaker
As a family, we rarely, if ever, impulse-buy. We budget and save, and plan for months when it comes to large-ish purchases. BUt, it appears that planning & so forth go out the window when ducks go on sale at the feed store.
 Boom - we have ducks. Aren't they darling?? and every time they squeak their little tails wiggle :}
 The whole thing wasn't entirely unthought out, though. We have an order of chicks coming in this week to replace the mean old birds I can't wait to see go. (You have to replace layers about every two years. We get chicks every year so we're never without eggs). We'll put the chicks and the ducklings in the same brooder box and they can grow up together and be pals & whatnot.
 In the meantime, it's awfully fun to let them run round the house when "responsible" people have left for the day ;}