Monday, July 21, 2014

je ne sais pas

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So I want to write (so very badly).... but have not written.

I suppose I should say hello (or maybe even reintroduce myself? hey it's me, the author of this here blog! You say, Who?) since it's been like THREE MONTHS since this place has had a pulse.

I am sorry to say that this silence was not because I...
 a) ... went on a mission to Africa
 b) ... moved across the country
 c) ... am expecting a baby (lord no.)
Or anything that seems to be trending at the mo.

I don't like writing posts when I don't have anything new to say, and I definitely do not like reading them here or anywhere (why yes, I am That Reader who skips extensive descriptions, and/or poor poetry).
 The fact is, I told myself I wouldn't write until I had something to write about. The problem with that is that then I fell out of the habit of finding ways to write about the smaller things while I waited for... I don't know, the Second Coming?
 And when you stop writing about the little things (even the scribbles no one else will ever see), you stop writing, period.
 That's what happened to me, except I've gone even further and neglected my photography, music, even riding (the shame).
And I am miserable.

I've discovered that not only is this blog an outlet where I can write when I'm having troubles with my stories, it also makes sure I keep up my photography, and go looking for new things. In short, it gives me me-time. And trust me, if you stop making time for yourself to nurture your talents, grow in the Word, or giving yourself moments where your only thoughts are how dang pretty your horse is, you are going to go insane.

I have hopes for this blog, hopes that I can make it more organized and more involved in my novel writing process, and still keep up the small things (berry-picking & canning season is coming!).

So this is me coming back. This is me making making time in-between the teething child and over-grown gardens; mentally impaired ducks and rogue ponies.

I am Hazel, hear me roar.
*pathetic rawr*