Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few drawings

'Draco Bambino'

This is a dress design that sort of sprang at me :) I'm no dress fan{excluding Medieval wear} But I wouldn't mind a simple, summery dress like this one.

 A character that formed in my mind while reading a book set in 1100 Palestine, 'Salina' was something  different from my usual people. I like how her costume came out. I wasn't at all sure at first how to draw medieval Middle Eastern wear, but I went for it and, if not historically correct, made something unique.  I also learned a little bit of Arabic writing for her nick-name "Ocean Eyes"{she has blue eyes, which is rare if not impossible over there :)} However, I have no idea how to pronounce it.


These two horses are also from a book. Shame the arab doesn't get a name in it besides "The Black Arab" *rolls eyes* How original. I drew them both really small and basically. Maybe I'll do larger ones some time.... 

Hope you enjoyed! ~Gwyn

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have a new favorite horse

Roanie my pink pony!
   Last year I rode her for the first time last year when she was still pretty green. I worked with her some last summer but mainly focussed on Shyanne. But this year Roanie has really come into her own! I rode her yesterday and I had the best time..! We worked on circles, pivots{she can't yet do full spins, but she can do halves left and right}, leads{we need to work on her right lead more till she's comfortable switching}, backing{she's getting really fast!}, and sidestepping/side passes. It is sooo nice to have a horse that likes to work again! Shyanne, while a nice horse, doesn't like performing very well. She stiffens up and crow hops around when asked to do more than trot while around strange horses. Roanie is nice and loose and obeys quickly. She's not perfect {but she's still awesome :)}.  She's still young and has a habit of tossing her head when bored, frustrated, or excited, often resulting in the reins flipping over her head. Not good when you're at a gallop 8/ And when you saddle her and tighten her girth her acts like its her first time and stretches out and hops around like a two year old. I have no idea why, and neither does anyone else. I'm guessing just habit? I've pretty much crossed out pain and discomfort. *shrugs*

 Well, my sister wants to barrow Newton{my computer} so I shall bid good night to you all :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show Nite

last night our play was awesome! Everyone{including me!} remembered their lines and cues! Once a cardboard bush fell on top of a sleeping Lysander, but it happened at just the right time and was hilarious!
 back in the girls dressing room as we applied makeup we goofed around a lot. Fairy sparkles made the air almost unbreathable after "Helena" and I had a brief battle with the powder brush :) For the record I now am quite sure I hate lipstick. Blahh. At first its not so bad, but when it dries and cakes... :P Not very comfortable of tasty. And, adding to my discomfort, Mum must have bought the brightest red in the store. I looked like one of those old ladies who paint their own eyebrows and don't think anyone notices that they're blue. lol!
  We found out also, that our play happened to land on Shakespeare's death-day, April 23. How interesting!

My eldest sister had her birthday Thursday. *sniff* She's now 24. Or as my little brother said,  "She's old now!" Mum made her a big cheesecake and I decorated it with sliced strawberries. I carved a face in a whole one and placed him in the middle of the cake, dubbing him "George". With the candles lite all round him he looked like a human{or strawberry} sacrifice. "As the natives began to chant, George could understand a little of what they said: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!" Hehehehe ^_^

I found an awesome new book series too! Its perfect story-wise for me! You wanna know why? #1 It's about a horse #2 Its historicly set during the crusades!
  I'll have to do a review when I've finished. But for now I must go and catch my ponies :) ~Gwyn

p.s. My grandmum is doing a little better. Again thanks for all the prayers you guys

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank you all :)

Thank you Eldarwen, Golden Eagle, Lady Greenleaf, and Rachel Daniel for you prayers, advice, and encouragement. It helps a lot to know you have friends praying for you and your family.
  My grandmum is slowly getting better. But whether or not she'll be able to be released from the hospital or even moved to a hospital closer to home, the doctors are debating. She's still very weak and her sodium levels aren't quite satisfactory. Hopefully God will see fit to let her come home again.

Tomorrow is show night for A Midsummer Nights Dream! Are we all ready? Maybe. I am sooo ready for it to be over. Looking back I've worked on this play for almost six months. What am I doing for the play, you ask? Well, I, along with three other girls, rewrote the play making it {a lot}more funny and kid friendly; Then, I'm the third in command director :); I'm first violin in the mini orchestra; and I'm a minor character. :) A lot of work, but a lot of fun and new friends. I'm glad I'm doing it and I'm excited for tomorrow, But I'm ready for life to go back to normal. My horses are getting fat on all this nice green grass too.
Now I must go and get ready for the last D.S. before show time!
Thank you again for all your prayers ~ Gwyn

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

::Hospital Visit:: please pray

The nurse behind the desk pointed out my grandmum's room. "737, bed two."
  My Mom, brothers, and I shuffled past the first bed occupied by a sleeping elder woman. Her husband sat close by reading a book. He wore a mask and when he looked up at us... I've never seen such raw hopelessness.
 At the dividing curtain, I heisitated. Mom had told us before we entered the hospital that Grandma would look different; that her illness had taken a toll. I was afraid. I was afraid to see what was behind the curtain. I can't remember if I whispered a prayer or asked for strength from the Lord without thinking, but I followed my family past the the cloth divider. I promised I wouldn't cry.
  My aunt sat next to the bed holding Grandma's hand.
  Grandma was always a little woman, "five foot two with eyes of blue" as the saying went. But what she lacked in stature, she more than made up for in iron will and selflessness. Now laying in the hospital bed, her form was frail, all but swallowed up by the stark white sheets. Her eyes were closed from weariness. The doctors had given her some sort of breathing mask to help her lungs rid themselves of carbon dioxide.
 My aunt gave my elder brother her chair that he might hold Grandma's hand.
 "It's August," she whispered.
 Grandmum's eye flickered open for a moment and she smiled briefly. "Hi, August," she breathed, it was a great effort to speak at all. But what I noticed at once was her eyes: they no longer had the Irish smile, or sparkle. I had never known that spark to go out. Not in Grandma's eyes.
  I promised I wouldn't cry, I reminded myself, turning quickly to the window. Below I could see the parking lot. Pigeons flew all over. Should have brought a slingshot, I thought, trying not to listen to "You Raise Me Up" now playing softly on the small stereo next to the bed. My aunt was talking to Mom about the doctor's last orders.
A nurse came in and checked Grandma's vital signs.
 I took August's place and held her hand. It was small and frail, but it was the same hands that had taught me to paint, that had placed band-aids on my scuffed knees, held my own when I was small. And now here she was, hardly able to speak, slowly wasting away before my own eyes.
  I never knew heartbreak was so literal.

I feel as if I'm standing on the edge of a cliff; below me is the sea of grief, behind me, the valley of joy - the way things used to be. I stand looking at the Father wondering what He will say. Will He allow my grandma to get well and let me go back to the valley? Or will He call her Home, sending me below to the sea until time dulls the pain of loss and I may go into new fields of life.
  I wait for what seems eternity. I know that whatever He may choose, it is and can only be, the best for my grandma.
  But the waiting...

His will be done.
Please pray for my whole family. ~Gwyn

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Forget about what I said in the last post...

... about lots of posts. Things have be more than crazy since Saturday. And major happenings to.
  1. My grandmama is in the hospital. She fell and her medications are out of whack, so we don't know how long she'll be there. 
  2. My grandpapa isn't doing well with granmum's in the hospital. They haven't been apart for this long for years{they're both 86}
  3. Because of this my aunt is flying up from SC today to see them and help out. Thank goodness!
  4. We are in the process of looking for an assisted living for G&G. 
  5. Shakespeare practices and meetings have doubled. And I still don't have all my lines memorized.
  6. My music performance class is coming up and I don't have a song for it yet.
  7. Sunday I play for a church tea, after the Chamber Orchestra concert.
  8. My brother's graduation is the beginning of May and I haven't finished designing the invitations yet.
  9. My sister is going to be moving to that college in the next month, I think.
  10. Our Mac go a virus from PaperBack Swap and is undergoing rehab. 
  11. My other grandmum is moving to a new house in Co. and we're going to have to help. 
  12. Our dishwasher is leaking, the washing machine is making a noise that sounds like a troll wants out.
  13. I might be getting my learner's permit for driving today.
  14. Shakespeare music practice is today....
And  even with all of this I find time to keep up most of my running etc, and I ride almost every night.
 Roanie's been really good for me. Shyanne - not so much. The weather's been nice although windy.

I would guess by the list that I won't be posting for awhile. Please pray for my family. We're pretty much keeping it together, but some of us coming apart at the seams. *crazy laughing*
  Until that day of nothing to do comes, ~Gwyn

Friday, April 9, 2010

A brief but packed post!

Good gracious, this week has been busy! I know I meant to post but ----- well, I haven't hand time! It's been play practice, music, riding, running{At the beginning of April I started a check list of things to do every day: running, walking[a mile or more], riding, sit ups, push ups, etc...} and good stuff like that :)

Last weekend my friend and I wandered about in her grandparents' huge pasture adventuring all the way! And of course we stopped by the barns and saw all the inhabitants:) I took my camera so if you wish to see our wanderings wander over to Wandering Stills!!{link on the sidebar or' 'dare} I've got a lot of good horse photos. And you've got to see the beautiful grey gelding that moved in "next door"! He's gorgeous!

I also rode Roanie for the first time this year tonight. She was really good for me. "Roanie the pink pony":)

*yawn* It's real late here and there's more to be done tomorrow, so I must bid you all good-night! I'll try posting again soon, but no promises. Busy, busy, busy!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh joy?

{Note before hand, this post is a little bungled :P}

My eldest sister just got accepted to a major college! We are all happy for her and everything, but... the school is across the country. :/ Thankfully, we have relatives fairly close by, but still! Good heavens, its like one of those corny movies: country girl hits the city. Let's hope for my sister's sake that she doesn't smack.
 But for me this threw a lot into harsh light; I mean, this could very well be my last summer with both my sisters. The eldest leaving{probably this fall/end of summer}, and my crazy, wild-child riding comrade finishing up with school as well. O.O That means no more kidnapping me to buy new clothes, no more bridge jumping and afterwards ice cream, no more girls night when we get a few logs, a bag of marshmellows, choco, and matches and head out to the lake, about starting a forest fire, playing the fiddle as the sun goes down; No long bareback rides at night in our swim suits splashing about in the stock pond with the horses..... Whaaaaaaaaa! This is terrible! Okay, you might be thinking "why can't she do this with her friends? Its not the end of the world!" But the thing is, none of my friend would go riding at midight let alone to go swimming. Wait. There is one. But she lives in Ukraine at the moment. D':
Quoting National Velvet, "Oh, it's awful to grow up! All this change'n and change'n an' got to be ready for something. I don't ever want children. Only horses."
*Sigh* if only.....
Well, I can't stop what's comin' but I'll tell ye this; This is goin' to be the most memorable summer EVER to be remembered!! Long live childhood, say I! :D

Oh, some other news, my cousins are coming up this June!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! The same ones that flew up last August{I posted about it. Some entertaining events happened while waiting for the plane - you might want to check it our ;)}
And expect  quite a few posts in the near future, I've been really busy with all sorts of tales to tell!

Who knows where we're all going to end up next year?


Thursday, April 1, 2010

A poem

I see them running ‘ore the green,

Oh, what beauty! Oh, what sheen!
Heads held high through their flight.
Some are white, and some gold, and others black as night.
Beauty past compare,
With various colors of hair.
What are these marvels of the sun?
Who’s names are carved in marble;
In Greece, Rome and many a home?
It is the Horse of course!

I wrote this a looooooong time ago. I don't think I'll be a poet. :)