Saturday, April 24, 2010

Show Nite

last night our play was awesome! Everyone{including me!} remembered their lines and cues! Once a cardboard bush fell on top of a sleeping Lysander, but it happened at just the right time and was hilarious!
 back in the girls dressing room as we applied makeup we goofed around a lot. Fairy sparkles made the air almost unbreathable after "Helena" and I had a brief battle with the powder brush :) For the record I now am quite sure I hate lipstick. Blahh. At first its not so bad, but when it dries and cakes... :P Not very comfortable of tasty. And, adding to my discomfort, Mum must have bought the brightest red in the store. I looked like one of those old ladies who paint their own eyebrows and don't think anyone notices that they're blue. lol!
  We found out also, that our play happened to land on Shakespeare's death-day, April 23. How interesting!

My eldest sister had her birthday Thursday. *sniff* She's now 24. Or as my little brother said,  "She's old now!" Mum made her a big cheesecake and I decorated it with sliced strawberries. I carved a face in a whole one and placed him in the middle of the cake, dubbing him "George". With the candles lite all round him he looked like a human{or strawberry} sacrifice. "As the natives began to chant, George could understand a little of what they said: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!" Hehehehe ^_^

I found an awesome new book series too! Its perfect story-wise for me! You wanna know why? #1 It's about a horse #2 Its historicly set during the crusades!
  I'll have to do a review when I've finished. But for now I must go and catch my ponies :) ~Gwyn

p.s. My grandmum is doing a little better. Again thanks for all the prayers you guys

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  1. Yay!! Congrats on the play being a hit!! Wish I could have seen it. :)

    Can't wait to hear about the book series. I'm dying for something new to read lol. :)