Thursday, April 15, 2010

Forget about what I said in the last post...

... about lots of posts. Things have be more than crazy since Saturday. And major happenings to.
  1. My grandmama is in the hospital. She fell and her medications are out of whack, so we don't know how long she'll be there. 
  2. My grandpapa isn't doing well with granmum's in the hospital. They haven't been apart for this long for years{they're both 86}
  3. Because of this my aunt is flying up from SC today to see them and help out. Thank goodness!
  4. We are in the process of looking for an assisted living for G&G. 
  5. Shakespeare practices and meetings have doubled. And I still don't have all my lines memorized.
  6. My music performance class is coming up and I don't have a song for it yet.
  7. Sunday I play for a church tea, after the Chamber Orchestra concert.
  8. My brother's graduation is the beginning of May and I haven't finished designing the invitations yet.
  9. My sister is going to be moving to that college in the next month, I think.
  10. Our Mac go a virus from PaperBack Swap and is undergoing rehab. 
  11. My other grandmum is moving to a new house in Co. and we're going to have to help. 
  12. Our dishwasher is leaking, the washing machine is making a noise that sounds like a troll wants out.
  13. I might be getting my learner's permit for driving today.
  14. Shakespeare music practice is today....
And  even with all of this I find time to keep up most of my running etc, and I ride almost every night.
 Roanie's been really good for me. Shyanne - not so much. The weather's been nice although windy.

I would guess by the list that I won't be posting for awhile. Please pray for my family. We're pretty much keeping it together, but some of us coming apart at the seams. *crazy laughing*
  Until that day of nothing to do comes, ~Gwyn

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  1. Sorry about your grandparents and your sister leaving. I really hope things are getting better. Sorry it took me so long to read this.