Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have a new favorite horse

Roanie my pink pony!
   Last year I rode her for the first time last year when she was still pretty green. I worked with her some last summer but mainly focussed on Shyanne. But this year Roanie has really come into her own! I rode her yesterday and I had the best time..! We worked on circles, pivots{she can't yet do full spins, but she can do halves left and right}, leads{we need to work on her right lead more till she's comfortable switching}, backing{she's getting really fast!}, and sidestepping/side passes. It is sooo nice to have a horse that likes to work again! Shyanne, while a nice horse, doesn't like performing very well. She stiffens up and crow hops around when asked to do more than trot while around strange horses. Roanie is nice and loose and obeys quickly. She's not perfect {but she's still awesome :)}.  She's still young and has a habit of tossing her head when bored, frustrated, or excited, often resulting in the reins flipping over her head. Not good when you're at a gallop 8/ And when you saddle her and tighten her girth her acts like its her first time and stretches out and hops around like a two year old. I have no idea why, and neither does anyone else. I'm guessing just habit? I've pretty much crossed out pain and discomfort. *shrugs*

 Well, my sister wants to barrow Newton{my computer} so I shall bid good night to you all :)

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