Friday, April 9, 2010

A brief but packed post!

Good gracious, this week has been busy! I know I meant to post but ----- well, I haven't hand time! It's been play practice, music, riding, running{At the beginning of April I started a check list of things to do every day: running, walking[a mile or more], riding, sit ups, push ups, etc...} and good stuff like that :)

Last weekend my friend and I wandered about in her grandparents' huge pasture adventuring all the way! And of course we stopped by the barns and saw all the inhabitants:) I took my camera so if you wish to see our wanderings wander over to Wandering Stills!!{link on the sidebar or' 'dare} I've got a lot of good horse photos. And you've got to see the beautiful grey gelding that moved in "next door"! He's gorgeous!

I also rode Roanie for the first time this year tonight. She was really good for me. "Roanie the pink pony":)

*yawn* It's real late here and there's more to be done tomorrow, so I must bid you all good-night! I'll try posting again soon, but no promises. Busy, busy, busy!


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  1. I've always liked greys - they sound so magical. Pity the light colored horses are so tricky to keep clean.... ;)

    And I awarded you! Details on the blog. :)