Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh joy?

{Note before hand, this post is a little bungled :P}

My eldest sister just got accepted to a major college! We are all happy for her and everything, but... the school is across the country. :/ Thankfully, we have relatives fairly close by, but still! Good heavens, its like one of those corny movies: country girl hits the city. Let's hope for my sister's sake that she doesn't smack.
 But for me this threw a lot into harsh light; I mean, this could very well be my last summer with both my sisters. The eldest leaving{probably this fall/end of summer}, and my crazy, wild-child riding comrade finishing up with school as well. O.O That means no more kidnapping me to buy new clothes, no more bridge jumping and afterwards ice cream, no more girls night when we get a few logs, a bag of marshmellows, choco, and matches and head out to the lake, about starting a forest fire, playing the fiddle as the sun goes down; No long bareback rides at night in our swim suits splashing about in the stock pond with the horses..... Whaaaaaaaaa! This is terrible! Okay, you might be thinking "why can't she do this with her friends? Its not the end of the world!" But the thing is, none of my friend would go riding at midight let alone to go swimming. Wait. There is one. But she lives in Ukraine at the moment. D':
Quoting National Velvet, "Oh, it's awful to grow up! All this change'n and change'n an' got to be ready for something. I don't ever want children. Only horses."
*Sigh* if only.....
Well, I can't stop what's comin' but I'll tell ye this; This is goin' to be the most memorable summer EVER to be remembered!! Long live childhood, say I! :D

Oh, some other news, my cousins are coming up this June!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! The same ones that flew up last August{I posted about it. Some entertaining events happened while waiting for the plane - you might want to check it our ;)}
And expect  quite a few posts in the near future, I've been really busy with all sorts of tales to tell!

Who knows where we're all going to end up next year?



  1. Wonderful post. I must keep reminding myself to enjoy childhood as it lasts--and not to keep wanting to grow up, y'know?


  2. I know how you feel, my brother might go to a university in Florida and we live in Minnesota, so thats far away. My brother and I are close so it will be hard.