Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just so ya know....

I most likely won't be posting chapters of  TLOS for awhile since GHC (horse club I'm a part of) is having a writing competition and I have an idea * wiggles eyebrows* for a story. I do have, however, one more TLOS chapter that is half way edited so I will post that one before I go on to the other story:)
I'll be back at TLOS in a few weeks, though, since the comp. is limited to six thousand words and shouldn't take me too long.
In the mean time if any thing worth blogging about happens I will keep you updated:D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Pics:)

Hill top view
                                                                             I thought this one was coo
                                           more clouds.....
 Shyanne(left) and Corona, my sister's horse

Moving terrified chickens

<---The Traveling Chicken Hut dad built. 
Molly looks hungry. 

It's amazing how fast our chickies grew! We got them, what? about a week and a half ago, and they're already too big the nesting box!
Dad and August have been working on a traveling chicken hut, and yesterday they finished all but the wheels that will go on later. The chickens wouldn't wait, though. Hoping up the sides of the nest box and some even tried to fly! It was really getting ridiculous! So dad said they'd better be moved before they drove him mad!(:D (the nesting box is in his studio;p)

After much flapping, peeping, screeching and scratching we finally got them outside.*Whew!*
They huddled in the corners for quite awhile, but then one got brave and started exploring and chicken being chickens, the rest followed suit.:)
A happy ending.(so far)

<---The chickens themselves.

Sweet Shyanne

Last night I went riding with (almost) the best mare in the world.:)
She was fantastic for me! Doing pretty much everything I asked her to do.

<---This is a picture my dear older sister took of me getting on Shyanne bareback. Whatever this picture suggests I was able to get on, much to the disappointment of the sister:) Because she can't! Ha!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today our chickens came.(I know this has nothing to do with The Legends, but I've changed my mind about having this blog just for the stories. Instead it's going to be a mix of my real and fantasy life.) We got fourteen of them and about five different breeds. I have to admit I harbor no love for chickens, the little monsters, but I couldn't help but hold the runt of the pack....<:)(above) He appealed to my animal loving side (won't get attached, just won't!) Normally I just call cats, chickens and other small vermin something like: Kitty-kitty, Get-Out-of-the-Way!, and other appropriate names for the time. Oh, well. I guess they are kinda cute...