Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm back!{momentarily}

Last week was great! We got our usual Jan. thaw early!!! Whoot! Sooo needless to say I spent as much of it as possible was my animals and being outside.{like heck if I'm staying indoors when its 40+*!!}
A few things of note that happened:
  • Hammie went in to the vet for another check-up and he DOES have to have surgery on his other leg too.  O_o At least the other one is healing well..
  • I went riding!!!!!! Woooooooooooot! It felt soooooo goood!!!! Its been nearly three months since I last rode! *gasp!* Sad.
  • In order to find out how to gain weight I went online to and found that I must eat at least two-thousand 'good' cals a day. O.o How much was I eating before? Oh, about 1,000. Yeah. My whole family eats like birds:) but I'm the worst. I'm just not that hungry!
  • My dad and oldest sis went to Co. today to pick up some sculpture supplies. They left real early though, so they'll be back in about an hour.
Today it started getting cold again:(. It didn't keep me in though; I forced my brothers outside and we sparred with wooden swords{we're hoping to start fencing[with foils, not posts] lessons in the Spring!} and had a whacking great time{I do cheat though.:) I whack their fingers to weaken their defenses}, then we climbed haybales and ran up and down the hills in our 'backyard', shouting like hooligans.
Yes, many good times:)

I plan to give up Blogger and Facebook mon-fri just to let you know. Last week I did and I feel better for it. Sort of -- fresher, I guess:P Anywho, its not because of the company on here or anything, so don't take it personally;P
Until Sat. then!!!!~Gwyn

Saturday, January 9, 2010

a LOT of photos I meant to post...

^ Snow storm... even if it doesn't look like it:P
vA necklace I made for a friend's b-day. I 'packaged' it in an old frame I made look like weathered barnwood by a little use of sandpaper.

^Another b-day necklace:)

A 'blue' moon

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to school and somethings of interest!

Today we started up school again, after a wonderful{if stressful} 3 1/2 week break. I started in on Algebra too.
Monday we went skiing, and since I hate skiing{please don't ask me why. People bombarded me with the same question for 6 hours} I took Newton along and worked on my story. Which leads us to my next news bit:
I thought of another story that NEEDS to be written.{Earwen, you gave me your bug} It just came all of a sudden while I was listening to The PBS Civil War soundtrack{very moving pieces, by the way. If you haven't heard them, you simply have to soon!} and, as I often do, I thought up a story to go with the music. And BAM! I've got a whole story of a girl during that time wanting to make a difference; and it's pestering me badly to write it down!
I haven't thought of a name for her yet, so any Civil War era ideas would be neat:)

Another thing; my dad is sending in an ap. for an art commission in Lexington Kentucky for a jocky sculpture the Parks people want done! Pray that he gets it!!!! I really hope he does! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Kentucky!! My family is obsessed with racing! I mean, Derby Day is considered a holiday for us! :D Oh please -oh please -oh please!!!!!

I'll try and get that Civil War song posted on here so you can listen - it truly is a beautiful song.
And I'm gonna start working on that drawing for you Evenstar, and try and post it tonight:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tessa's Meggie {my favorite ;D}

Yay!!! A dress! While I like drawing all kinds of outfits, Medieval gowns are by far my favorite!! And this is the first one on Blogger that I'm actually happy with!{the others...meh.}
I used smoother paper to see if it would keep the lead and color from mixing and making the drawing look 'dirty' and it worked :)
I hope you like the bright colors Tessa! I was going to put her in a dark green at first, but then, every medieval dress is green! I like the 'Springy-ness' of this one; very fresh looking. I enjoyed designing the locket too. And sword. :) Feedback, please!
Hope you like it!!~Gwyn

New Years{a day or two late}

Whoohoo! Turn of the decade!
My family and I broke the New Years tradition this year! *gathp!* Instead of watching all three LotR's until midnight we watched Mum's new Blu-Ray 'Gone With the Wind'. I haven't watched that since I was about 6 or 7 and all I remembered of it was the little girl getting killed when her pony jumped. It scared me off riding for awhile because her pony looked so much like mine at the time! :D
I certainly didn't remember how sad the movie was. I was quite surprised.
Anyway, at 12:oo we clinked glasses of Sparkling Cider and watched the Ball Drop in Times Square on the Telly.

My New Years Resolutions:

  1. Eat more veg. Bleck. But I need to
  2. Gain some weight. So I don't look like a scarecrow with abs when wearing a swimsuit (:P
  3. Get back to running. Last summer I could run a mile and be hardly breathing hard. Now it's down to 1/2 mile. Sad.
  4. Finish 'The Legend of Skyrian' and start on 2nd book
  5. Get rid of some activities so I can have more time to: ride/hang with my horses; draw/paint/take pictures; write more music; play more music; and generally enjoy a stress-free summer
  6. Stick to exercising daily. Up and down Maher's Mt. five times running; push-ups, crunches, etc. Oh, and fencepost driving.
  7. Read the Bible and Catechism more. I need to do that a lot too.
  8. Learn to drive!!! Legally that is ;D 
Well, I think that's it. I hope I can keep them all:)
A happy and healthy and wonderful New Year to all of you!!!~Gwyn
P.S. Tessa, I've finished Meggie for you, I just need to edit it and upload it on the other computer which my dad is working on, so it'll probably be up tonight;)