Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to school and somethings of interest!

Today we started up school again, after a wonderful{if stressful} 3 1/2 week break. I started in on Algebra too.
Monday we went skiing, and since I hate skiing{please don't ask me why. People bombarded me with the same question for 6 hours} I took Newton along and worked on my story. Which leads us to my next news bit:
I thought of another story that NEEDS to be written.{Earwen, you gave me your bug} It just came all of a sudden while I was listening to The PBS Civil War soundtrack{very moving pieces, by the way. If you haven't heard them, you simply have to soon!} and, as I often do, I thought up a story to go with the music. And BAM! I've got a whole story of a girl during that time wanting to make a difference; and it's pestering me badly to write it down!
I haven't thought of a name for her yet, so any Civil War era ideas would be neat:)

Another thing; my dad is sending in an ap. for an art commission in Lexington Kentucky for a jocky sculpture the Parks people want done! Pray that he gets it!!!! I really hope he does! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Kentucky!! My family is obsessed with racing! I mean, Derby Day is considered a holiday for us! :D Oh please -oh please -oh please!!!!!

I'll try and get that Civil War song posted on here so you can listen - it truly is a beautiful song.
And I'm gonna start working on that drawing for you Evenstar, and try and post it tonight:)

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