Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guess what i got...!!

Ho, yes! Today my eldest sister and I went to 'The Big City' {see city adventure} to go Christmas shopping and stuff like that. Well, I took a bit more money than I usually do{anything over $2o :P. What can I say? I'm cheap!} and we 'happened' by Computer Village on the way back A-and... I'm writing you from the newly christened 'Newton' iBook. *squeals!* My own laptop! I bought it with my own money so I shall be *very* careful with Newton:) Like the name, by the way? I thought it appropriate considering he's an Apple. Comically sophisticated; I call it:) Or simply Me-ness.

On another note; yesterday the weather took a turn for the WAY worse. It is now snowing profusely and bone-chillingly cold. 16* and a wind chill of around -10* and blowing real hard. And this isn't our normal dry-cold either; to make us more miserable {it seems to me} it's very damp too. Yuck. There's about a 2 inch layer of ice on the water troughs mornings and nights; that's always a good sign telling you it's really to cold, if you are somehow unable to feel the icy daggers of the wind.
I was chopping the ice this morning and splashed my Carhart covered leg; the water froze in less then ten seconds. O.o I hate winter.
Well, now that I've rejoiced and ranted with you guys I must charge head first into said hated weather in order to feed my poor fuzzy ponies. Cheers!Gwyn

p.s. Sometime I have got to share a book with you. Its an amazing true story...! Okay, okay. Enough procrastinating.... well, here I go.... Maybe... Its getting dark out....


  1. How exciting! A latptop?!?! I want one sooo bad. I have a computer, but no laptop. :P

    Love & hugs,

  2. I despise winter too!!

    Congrats on the laptop! That's so exciting!