Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In which I cover something without thinking

Well, today I am ill so I searched Ranger's Apprentice FanFic to pass the time. O.o You would not believe what some people come up with. One{female} fan wrote that Will was related to the girl he falls in love with in the books for this reason, and I quote:"You know what this means, girls! He's up for grabs!" O.o Soak my brains in acid for I am totally embarrassed to be female right now! What on earth has the world come to???? I know boys are no better. But seriously! When my Grandmum was 14 she was teaching school in a one room prairie schoolhouse to children ranging from 3 to 18! Could any of today's teens do as much? I really don't think so. No, its seems that to a lot of people responsibility is to take or leave. Along with manners, respect for self and others... God. Aha. That may be where the train left the tracks. Since when did it become okay to take or leave God?
That's like creating a robot and then having it say there's no such thing as a creator. If it decides to believe that you do exist, well then, you should be indebted to it and fill its exspectations{sp} of what a creator should be. This sound wrong to you?
There is a common mistake made in Christianity that is self-sanctification. We might and perhaps often do make it unknowingly when we say "I accepted Jesus" At first glance it doesn't seem wrong, but look closer. When you say "I accepted Jesus" who really has the power? *I* accepted Jesus. Therefore *I* should get to go to heaven, because *I* made that choice. I-I-I-I-I! The focus is taken off Jesus when in fact, "I cannot, by our own reason or strength, believe in Jesus Christ" How then can we? The Holy Spirit. "...but the Holy Spirit has called me by the Gospel,... sanctified and kept me in the one true faith." So really, you see, we are by nature spiritually blind, dead, and an enemy of God. But through the Holy Spirit are we enlightened.
If we believe that it is because of our choice that we believe in God, our house is built upon the sand. But when we know that we have been called and truly believe He is our Lord, then our house is built upon the Rock.

....That just kind of flowed out of me. In fact, when I began writing this post I was just going to say that I started writing my own fanfic for RA. It's great when you're sick because you have a line to follow and you don't have to think real hard. :) Otherwise I wouldn't bother and be working on my own novel. but I have to really think for that;P I'm sick! i should be able to enjoy the candy of adding on to someone elses work, right? If you'd like to read it just comment{though, you have to have read the 1st book}
Okay, I am starved for reasons I shan't go into other than one word: stomach flu
Remaining cheerful and enlightened ~Gwyn


  1. Good post. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I haven't been around in a long time... hello again! :)