Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I promised you cuteness...

But it's late in coming. And I only have two good photos right now, but it's of one of my awesome lil 'fro chickies and then some kind of white Auracuana {sp?} :)

My orange lookin hands and a sleepy fuzzball
Our server is having a lot of trouble lately - as in, not working - so I've been enjoying a loooooooong break from the computer. Also, my eldest sis is back for a month on her summer break and we've been donin' stuff. And I have a wedding to play for next week. Hoping the bride gives me the music soon. Haha. And I think I have a music gig Mother's Day.
 So yeah, I'm not exactly lounging around but I'm finding time to ride my Roanie, watch a movie with the family, write a sentence here and there for TLOS, make a coin necklace {maybe coming soon - no promises though, considering my record}, make bday and Mother's day gifts, plan the garden, snap some photos at the park, run from wasps, chase the dogs away from a new 'treasure' - a dead cow. OmyWORD did it smell!! Uuugh!!
 I also found a new book series that I like: The Monster Blood Tattoo by.... {insert two initials} Cornish. I wasn't too sure about it because of the title {sounds rather dark and primitive}, but I was mildly surprised, and enjoyed the writer's style. While this probably won't become one of  my favorite series, I do think they're worth a look. They're pretty fast reads too - I got the first one Saturday and I've only got a chapter left. I didn't even read it every day.
 If your looking for a slightly steampunk-ish book with a lot of world detail {the author created a very vivid world through his illustrations, the glossary, and notes}, try The Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling{book one} and see what you think.

Right. Now I've got loads to do and people telling me so. So, til next time, when ever that will be.


  1. Awww, that chick is sooo cute!

  2. He/She is so cute and fluffy!!

    We have 9 chicks at our house right now...and they are just 'dorable!

  3. AWE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! I am so want to hold one of them.

    please visit-

  4. Oh my goodness! They are so adorable! I love all kinds of animals especially baby ones!

  5. Those chicks are so cute. :) A break from blogger is nice every once in a while lol. I'm glad you're having fun.

  6. that is a super cute chick i love it