Sunday, April 24, 2011

A glimpse of Eternity...

in the dawn of a new day. {And I'm not just talking about the photo :)}
✠ Happy Easter 

✠ I apologize if any of you were expecting daily photo-posts like the last one. At first that was my intent, but then other more Easterly things happened; like Good Friday service, painting Easter eggs, playing piano purely for the love of music {something I have not done in forever}, and of course the family traditions crept in as well. So, on the one hand I feel terrible if I let anyone down, but on the other I'm glad I did. And I am aware that sounded mean and callous. Sorry. :)

Prepare for cuteness. 20 adorable little chicks {five of which will have mohawks} are arriving tomorrow. Of course I'll take photos.

Because it's Easter, and because of that I'm extremely happy, here's a list of my favorite Easter things...
the early church service
the new feel everything gets after hearing the Resurrection story
the chocolat. Period.
the egg dyes 
the inside jokes: laughing at a road-killed rabbit on the way home.
watching The Ten Commandments for, what? Four hours? the night before
My little brother's attempts at fooling the Easter Bunny by setting out extra baskets for imaginary 'new' siblings 

Sadly, Easter only gets celebrated one day of the year, which I don't fully understand. But I'm pretty sure it's my favorite holiday {holiday: conjugare of holy and day}
 So make it count, I guess. A very happy Easter to you!



  1. It's quite alright that you didn't do a daily post. It's way more important to live life to the fullest. I'm glad you had such a great Easter. :)

  2. Hello Gwyn,
    I have an award for you over at my blog, Living for Christ!
    Please come check it out!
    In Christ,