Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week: Tá mé buíoch

Tá mé buíoch: I am thankful

Holy Week has always been a very special and personal time of year for me. This year I want to celebrate the days leading up to Easter morning; too often they go by unnoticed in the anticipation of stuffed rabbits and chocolat eggs. Sometimes we forget the actual journey Jesus through the week leading to His resurrection and our ultimate freedom.
 I don't want to do that this year. I want to ponder each day of this holiest of weeks. One of the ways I want to do this is by reflecting each day on one thing that I am truly thankful for, photographing it or, at least a representation of it, and sharing it here.

 For the first day, I'd like to start with

Yes, peoples, spring has just about sprung in my little corner of the world. Finely. Rain {and sleet} is soaking the ground for what promises to be a lovely green summer. The early flowers are at last shyly opening their colorful blooms. And I am thankful. To me, the outside world has been too long without the benefit of color. Winter's grip is tight up North, and it clings to the earth long after decent places have blossoms and sunshine.
Then the first flower blooms, small but bright; shining like a new cut gem in the dead grass. Suddenly you remember what it's like to run barefoot in green grass. Inspiration that was slowly waning in the dull winter months awakes refreshed in the cool rain and sweet scent of tilled earth.
Reading at night has a new feel. Snuggled down in your soft covers and nestled in your squishy pillow, the gentle patter of rain on your window... cosy has a new meaning.
Who can resist the sweet song of the meadowlark? Walking down the road, splashing in all the puddles. Tracing the new buds with your fingertips and suddenly you feel like a character from a novel.
Winter is a time of reflection and slumber. Spring is the season of energy, new starts, and spontaneous joy.
The robins are back and the dirt is black.
 Some people have the sea in their blood, but I am descended from a long line of farmers, and I have the dirt in mine. My garden plans are nearly ready for action - at last!

I am so thankful for spring and all it has to offer. And this is only the beginning. Photographing a few of the signs of spring told me that. So much more is in store and I can't wait to discover it all later this season. 
So, Athair, thank you for the four seasons. Especially spring.

I'd like make Tá mé buíoch a link-up blog hop, if you'd like to join. I don't have a linky tool {no site I went to had clear instructions} but if you leave a link in the comments, I'd love to read your post!

Til  next time,


  1. I agree - as good as jellybeans are, they seem so pointless compared with Christ's gift :)

    I love your photos of the purple flowers. And I too can't wait to start gardening. (That's a surprise from me.) We'll be getting strawberries from the plants we set into the ground last year.

    P.S. It's snowing here.

    - Ellyn

  2. I agree too, Christ's coming is way more important than any holiday candy. Thanks for the reminder.

    Funny thing is I'm happy to start gardening too! All I have to do is wait for the frost to end. :(
    Lovely photos!