Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Belated Saint Patrick's Day!!!! And read about my near nervous breakdown!

I miss yesterday because the weather was.... WONDERFUL! with a capital W!!! I'm talking sunny skies, no clouds, and it got up to 68*!!!! Crazy awesome. I spent most of it outside{of course} and found a poor little wild rabbit trapped underneath the hood of our old junk car. Poor thing's eyes looked like they were about to pop out. Literally. The dogs had had it up in there for who knows how long.
  I pet it a little, trying to coax it to make a break for it, and by Jove, it did! Off like a shot, it leapt over Molly{our lab} who snapped at it in mid-air, leaving a tuft of fluff in the Molly's jaws, and made a mad dash for the rocks way off with the dogs in full pursuit. I guess the Luck o' de Irish was with him for he made it. :) I can't but feel a little proud, saving a fellow creature and all :P

 Then we had a violin recital rehearsal in town. I'm supposed to be playing a duet with my brother{on cello} called Calliope House/Cowboy Jig{you can find it on my Playlist} anyway, very difficult song and I've been working my behind off getting it down. I've got it all except for the timing at the beginning which resolves itself as I go along. Anyway, last week I was supposed to go shopping for a new violin because the one I have now is a student violin and I need a more advanced one with better sound. That didn't happen and so I won't have a good violin for the really high parts on Calliope House and so it won't sound good. Not happy. And on top of that my brother hasn't practiced his part at all before the rehearsal. That in itself really ticked me off. the recital is SUNDAY!!! And when we were supposed to be warming up for the rehearsal he was writing in his part. He hadn't even transposed the second part of the song. I could have torn his head from his shoulders, I can tell you. Then{oh, yes, there's more!} while we're up there on the stage we're barely through eight measures before he tells me to stop playing because he needs to figure out the fingering. By that time I think the flames were spouting from my eyeballs. We, no, HE spent the next twenty minutes figuring out the song with our teacher.
SO, I have a squeaky violin, bad timing, a delinquent brother, and only about two tiny miniscule days to practice with said delinquent brother before we play before a huge audience full to the brim with people we know who I've been {foolishly} telling about this wonderful song and can you tell that I'm a little stressed out right now? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
~Lord, give me patience.~

On a much lighter note, Happy {belated}St. Patrick's day!!!!!! Here's a wee bit o' knowledge from the Emerald Isle
*The Irishman's 10 Commandments *
Thou shalt be loyal to family, friends and faith.
Thou shalt keep thy Irish eyes a-smilin'.
Thou shalt shy away from blarney.
Thou shalt honor thy motherland.
Thou shalt see the Trinity in every shamrock.
Thou shalt halve each potato out of love.
Thou shalt be kind to wee ones everywhere.
Thou shalt be generous with blessings,
song and stories.
Thou shalt follow every rainbow.
Thou shalt rest easy in the hollow of God's hand.


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  1. Ouch. Playing with a bad instrument sucks . . . especially a violin.