Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring? Not so fast.

This last week has been wonderful weather wise; in the upper forties with the sun shining, melting almost all our snow! There was so much that now the usually dry creek bed behind our house is running - albeit slowly.
I went riding{:D} and even the fetlock deep mud was welcome!
  Spring seemed to be coming timidly back. I saw three robins, one red-wing blackbird, a flicker{relative to the wood pecker} and a European collared dove. And a tiny clump of sprouting grass.
  Yes, well, that was yesterday.
Today I arose and drew back the curtains from my window, ready to greet a new day. But instead of being greeted with the much missed sun{we've had terrible fog all month except for the last few days}it was like winter had started all over again. A foot of snow had fallen in one night. The horrid, horrid fog has returned. The creek is frozen, and there's not a bird in sight.

Today we were supposed to go to the Big City where I would be violin shopping{finely!!!} but now we are under a "Winter Storm Warning: travel not advised". It's supposed to be a big blizzard coming in soon. Well, I should have expected it, I suppose. The calving season started Sunday with a pair of twins.{We don't ranch cows, but we have close fiends who do}. The lambing season is now over, too, the last ewe finally gave birth to a bouncing babe the other day. Looking at the lambs makes me miss my goats a lot. But they're long gone :( I wish Garm at least didn't have to be sent to the meat shop! He was the best goat I ever had!!!!
  maybe I can convince dad to get one or two kids again this summer..... While I'm wishing, I'd like a colt to break this summer too!

  Does anyone else have plans involving a furry friend this summer?



  1. I do. I'm taking extra horse back riding lessons, two a week, instead of one, so I get to see my favourite horse in the whole world more! :D Where I live, it's been warm too. But I know the possibility of a cold-front moving in again. But as I was walking home from school, I saw that our tulips were started to come out of the ground! :D

  2. Awww why did you have to give up your goats? I love my annoying, obnoxious goat lol. They are due to kid anytime now. :)

    Sorry winter is back. We've been having spring like weather for almost a month now. It's been fabulous (except for the darn tornadoes!). Hope it warms up again soon. :)

    Oh and my plans with my furries this summer is to spend as much time as possible with them!!

  3. Ooo I hate tornadoes! Being out on the plains we tend to get our fair share too :/

    I had to send my goats away {I usually got three each summer} by the time fall came around 1) because the rodeo season is over{which is why I got them in the first place - to practice goat-tying} 2) They were too big for that by then. and 3) because we don't have the right kind of shelter for them to winter in.
    The man we bought them from gave me a deal where I could have them for the summer and then take them back and, if they were in good condition, he would give me back the money I paid for them.
    A really good deal{other than the sticky end. He raised goats for meat. :/}
    Ah, well.
    Its great you two are going to spend time with you best-beloveds! I'm thinking of taking music lessons off this summer so I can devote my time to what I love best too :)