Sunday, November 29, 2009

Character Sketch of Emy

Name: Emy (pron: ee-mee) Featherling
Age: 14 
Occupation: Singer and entertainer with the bards
Home: a caravan wagon
Physical Appearance
A. Face: Fair; almost elf-like, but softer lines
B. Hair: Straight, white-gold
C. Eyes: Cornflower blue
D. Nose: Small and upturned, I guess...I can't explain it very well
E. Mouth: a 'rose bud' smile
F. Skin: Fair
Physical Build: Five foot two, slender and graceful
While Sitting: Back is straight, shoulders back
While Standing: Stands erect, head slightly bowed
While Walking: Walks slowly and gracefully
What you notice first: Her eyes 
Place of Birth: In a caravan wagon somewhere between Castle Riely and the Western Shores of Ithreal
Parents: Balien and Marina Featherling
Siblings: Has none
Places lived: Everywhere, as a traveling bard
Friends: Her best friend Gwyn; they grew up as orphans together. 
Relationship with God: When she was ten she had a 'spiritual revolution' and since then has become incredibly learned in the Bible and holds tighter to her faith than the skin on Polish sausage
Characteristics: Patient and wise for her age; she is an angel in human form.
Scars: (physical/mental) The day her mother died
Special Skills or Knowledge: Skilled with the harp and voice; she astounds people with her ability to write moving songs. Knows just about every Bible verse down to the number.
Interests and Favorites: She loves teaching children and playing with them; her music; Avidly reads all she can.
Favorite Music: Songs with deeper meanings
Favorite Books: The Bible of course
Favorite Sport: She doesn't play sports. It isn't lady-like
Dislikes: Mice, death, and sickness

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