Saturday, November 21, 2009

The horses in my li-- ahem, story

I found some pictures on the web using Google Images of horses that, for the most part, match the three main horses in my novels. I also did some mild enhancing...
Here they are...

These two here are Skyrian, who takes center stage in book one. He is the First Stallion

This is Enya(pending) The name Enya is Gaelic for 'little fire'. She is the First Mare and doesn't enter the story till the second book.
...And we seen this lady before! Once again its Gana. Who I haven't completely figured out where she will come in....

Okay my thirty minutes are way past so....
Cheers! ~Gwyn


  1. WOW. Those horses are AMAZING.
    Enya - haha, I like it. Did you know it actually looks like Ethne in Celtic, while it's pronounced Enya?

  2. OOhhh!! Skyrian is a HORSE!! COOL!!!