Friday, November 20, 2009

Horse-Hair Necklaces

I've just found (another) hobby for my self!!!! {I know, I know, I've got to stop..... :P} Making jewelry! Mostly horse hair stuff {its unique}, but I do bead and make ribbon necklaces; I've even made a pair of horse hair earrings{but never will again! Very difficult! :P}
But as I said, horse hair, though the hardest, is my total favorite. The only reason I know how to braid is because of horses hair! I had to know for Showmanship horse shows, Rodeo Queening competitions, etc....

These two are Christmas presents for my friend in Ukraine and her little sister....

The black and white one is for Kate, Sam's little sister, and is made from double Stuff's mane.
Sam's I made from Shyanne, Corona, and Double Stuff's manes because those three are her favorite horses:)

I think these are very special and a great and beautiful way to remember a wonderful four-legged friend. I have one of my old pony {R.I.P Kiawa!} and it is very dear to me. When he died I wore it non-stop for three months; and I still wear it often. Since then I have made one of Bingo, my old comrade, and I will soon make one from Shyanne's mane and then Corona's and then Roanie's.... That is... after I finish with Christmas orders! Oy, I've got a lot to do! Not including one for a birthday that's due Sunday. Ahhhh! I don't even have the girl's horse's hair yet! Not to mention a pendant! I've also got to write a two page essay for Psychology!  And next week is school exams!! Gaaaaaaah! And I've got to go to a birthday party tonight!! AaaaAAAhhh!!!!! I guess the real question is: What on earth am I doing on Blogger??!!!
*Dashes off!!!*


  1. They're beautiful, Gwyn! :D I love 'em! You hould start a business! ;)

  2. Yes you should sell them! I tried to make one once but It didn't come out so great. It kept falling off and then I lost it. If you did sell them I'd buy one if I had money at the moment.

  3. They-Are-Awesome!!!! *Shakes head trying to find something to say*
    And I've said it all. They're SO beautiful!

  4. I LOVE them! I want to make my own with Aladdin's(the horse I ride and LOVE) mane.

  5. Those are beautiful!! I used to make horsehair earrings and you're right they are difficult. I might try necklaces though. I like them!!

  6. Ohhh my gosh.... WANT! TOTALLY WANT! Especially the double one. Wow. Good job.

  7. Oooo, love it! Could you tell us how to do it? Or do step by step photos?? Pleeeease?

  8. Thanks guys! Hmmm... I'll have to think about selling them.... :)
    I bet I could do tutorial maybe.... Though, not for awhile; kinda busy :/

  9. You should SOOOO do a step by step tutorial when you are making your next one!!! PLEASE!! For a bracelet...

  10. Could you PLEASE do a post about making horse-hair necklaces, earrings, and stuff like that? Christmas is coming pretty soon and I would like to make them for someone. And also I would like to make the necklaces from the horses that I'm working with. :)

    Or can you show us a link on the interent on how we should to do it? Thanks! :D