Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thanksgiving

... was great! We stuff ourselves to the brim((some of us over)) on turkey, stuffing, cranberries galore!, potatoes of every kind, and total of seven pies were made! We did m=not eat all this on our own, though, rest assured. My Uncle and English Aunt(I always have to put that :)) along with my grandparents came out. Oh, and I almost forgot he was so quiet! One of my Mum's co-workers from the coffee shop came too because Mum found out he didn't have family up here and was going to be by himself for Thanksgiving. Little did he know! Lol, that's just Mum for you, she would invite everyone who weren't doing anything for a holiday if she could. :)
After eating was the seemingly universal nap time. Whatever. Not for me!!! I was practically bouncing off the walls demanding we DO something! I think it was all that sparkling 'wine'. {I had half the bottle!}
After finely rousting my youngest older sister we went over to spread to love with our horses. Hugging them, petting them, taking to them, even taking some pics with the sister's phone; the whole nines yards you could say. Then, after Corona bit the sister(I'm sure he just thought her finger was a carrot), we hiked around the place, resting at last on the hill where my profile pic was taken, we watched the sun sink down on the horizon (4:20pm!)
Then is was time to round up and feed the horses. Instead of doing it the usual way, chasing them on foot back-and-forth trying to get them into the yard, I suggested we take the pickup. Not just any pickup, but the pickup. The one that smokes when you put it in park, the one that smells like a lawnmower because oil or gas, I can't tell which, is dripping slowly onto the exhaust pipe; the one that's steering is like pushing a tractor wheel up hill. In other words: the most fun truck to drive ever! Where every drive is a survivalist adventure!
Yeah, well, imagine that with me at the wheel and my sister riding in the back chasing a herd of frolicking horses across a huge expanse of pasture. Our guests thought it was amusing too.

That's pretty much all of note that happened that day. 
Today, for me, is much worse. I have got a cold. Again. And this one is worse then the last. Grrrrrrr. My throat is on fire!
Ah, well. Nothing for it but to Cowgirl up.
Cheers!~ Gwyn

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