Monday, November 9, 2009

I need some chocolate l:'(

Today has got to be one of the worst this year for me.
I woke this morning fresh and semi excited because I was going to get my braces off finely!! 
Well, I get there and they talk like I'll get them off this very am! But then I took some x-rays and two roots aren't quite straight, so, no go. TWO TEETH! 
Not happy.

This afternoon didn't go so bad. We 'winterized' everything outside. Washing the deck, replacing plastic water buckets with rubber ones, cleaning out the yard water tanks and filling them to the rim, draining the summer pasture tanks, etc...
I had to move Cokie and Wilber into one of the yards too, and in the process of opening the gate, my thumb got caught up between the chain and the gate post, and, before I could get it out, Cokie{our biggest, fattest, tallest horse} spooked and ran into the gate smunching my thumb flat D(:) Yaaaooow!!!
Not an hour later I dinged up my left hand pretty bad too. And then found out there was Youth Orchestra tonight. My bow hand's thumb was wrapped in athletic tape and swollen and my string fingers were swathed in vet wrap{it was all there was at the time!} Great.
Well, we end up going even though my brothers hands were cut up too. {a bad day for hand and fingers, eh?} We get there and... no one else does. Y.O. is next week.

Very not happy. Pass the choco, please...


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your injuries, Gwyniver! *passes the choc.*

  2. Here Gwyniver, read this:

    Maybe it'll make you laugh and cheer you up... some. :)

  3. Sorry you had such a bad day. Next time it looks like it's going to be a bad day for fingers and hands you both need to wear gloves LOL! At least you have a week before the Y.O. That helps. :) I hope your day got better.

  4. Well at least you have braces.

    I Don't.


    ~Calico Zak

  5. Thanks for the 'virtual choco' Eldarwen:) Tday went a lot better :)

    CZ, sure I'll trade!! Do know the last time I was able to eat corn-on-the-cob or even bite an apple? Over a year ago :P
    Yeah, I'll trade XD