Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My city expedition :D

Like I mentioned yesterday I got to visit the city because of the sculpture dedication for The City of Presidents. I don't think I've ever mentioned my Dads a sculptor..... Well, he is! ;D
This year he did Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad.
This is after the unveiling in the theater. It's not very good quality because the lighting in there was horrible for pics.
Outside the theater there was a bum playing the harmonica. To be obscure, I took the photo while walking. lol!
The statue in the left is Ronald Reagan, another of my dad's for the Presidents deal.
This here is the theater where the presidents were unveiled.
Across the street was a Celtic shop! Mum and I really wanted to go in, but we didn't have time. Drat.
Another president. This one not done by my Da :)
My favorite pic! My first ever parking meter!! How exciting!!:D
An alien landing site! Well, that's what occurred to me when I took this.
An interesting... turret... thing...
Wall mural...
An awesome mural on the wall of the old fire house that's now a restaurant that we ate at.

The sign of said restaurant we went to with fellow sculptors, donors, and history buffs from the unveiling.
The bar in the restaurant. It was really loud in there, but the food was good and it was so cool inside; full of old fashioned fire engines and things like that.
My tea and lea-a-mon;)
Apparently The Fire House also has theater dinners on special days. For Halloween there's one for Dracula. Ooo! Scary! :P

That's the last of my pictures, but afterwards we went shopping.
I got a grey tee and a pair of jeans. Hopefully these will last longer than the others. I also got a brown tank, or, as my elder sister informs me, a 'cammi'. O.o Whatever. Shows how much I know about fashion and all that. XD
We had to stop at the book store and everyone but me found a book worth buying. I can't believe all the terrible sop that goes on the teen bookshelves. A lot are just run-offs of Twilight and other such drivel.
The only thing I came out with was disgust. There were some rather *ahem* air headed girls my age in the same aisle as me and they were talking about how much they disliked Christians. When asked why they said because of all the witch burnings in the past and because we are 'so narrow minded'. They said if they had been back in the middle ages they would have been burned too. I can only guess they meant they practiced witch crap too(scuse moi).
I didn't say anything because, quite frankly, I though I might say something rash. My emotions were on the high anyway so I simply stomped out of the store and fumed in the kitchen shop next door. That helped; looking at the tea pots and the scent of coffee wafting in the air... It gave me time to think. But it still bothers me a bit; should I have said something?

Other than that it was a great day, though I'm glad I don't live there. All that noise! Ugh! And so many people crowding about... I don't know how some people like that stuff. But its cool to get out there occasionally.

My times up! Later!~ Gwyn


  1. Lucky, you can drive. LOL.

    I have about 5 camis. Short for camisole I think... *shrugs*

  2. Lol. I can't drive. Yet. I just got to put the quarters in. But I'm going to start driving lessons this spring! Finely!

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  4. nice! say 'good job' to your dad for me :)
    and you've been awarded! :)