Thursday, October 1, 2009

October first and a chance of snow

The title says it all. *sigh* Good-bye indian summer! I'm really surprised it lasted this long! But, I guess it had to end sometime... 
Yesterday it was 84*, today it's 48* and winds up to 60 mph, and tomorrow we're going to get snow. But that's just the Great Plains for you! You never know what the weather will do. Here come the ice chopping days....yuuuuuck!
So, is it snowing anywhere else?

Last night I drew Gwyn and Emy as little girls.:) Happy with it! I'll try and post it tomorrow, depending on wether I'm on time for school or not.{That's why I wasn't on yesterday}
Well, if I'm not frozen tomorrow or late, I'll talk to you later!

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