Saturday, October 3, 2009

De-worming the horses, and moving cows

Now that it is cold and e
xtremely windy it is the official time for worming the horses!! Oh, joy! *note the sarcasm*
Some of you maybe wondering what worming horses is. It's a lot like worming a dog. I think. Anyway, you have a syringe of the worming paste, and, on the 'handle' part there is a neat little wheel-thing that you set to the weight of the horse.{e.g.. 1200 lbs; spin the wheel until you reach 1200}this allows only the right amount to be given to the horse. Then, while someone{me} holds the horse firmly, you insert the syringe in its mouth and dispense the paste. It is then my job to hold up the horses head until they swallow. Not as easy as it sounds. Especially with the smart ones that wait and wait and wait till you think they have swallowed and let go, only to the paste spewed all over you and back to square one.
The paste has amazing an ability to end up all over you, no matter how careful you are with your new{*sigh*} coat.

My horses always seem to be the worst at theses sorts of things! I don't know why! Shyanne is terribly sensitive and so rears and kicks during shots. Very maddening for all us frozen 'vets'. My older pony suddenly develops lock jaw when it comes to wormer and my other one just plain bolts! Dad thinks I'm voodoo or something :P         {this guy make it look easy!->}

About the only thing good about this weather is that it means it's time to move cows!!! Woot! My favorite riding 'sport'!
While we our selves no longer have cows, our 'neighbors'{they live ten miles away} have a big angus ranch that we help out with sometimes. And we also have friends that have a ginormous buffalo ranch that they might need help with this year!!:D Yeehaw and all that good stuff!

Till later!~Gwyn


  1. You can use the Safeguard pellet cattle dewormer on horses. It's sooooo much easier than the paste and is very safe. Almost impossible to over dose. :) Have fun moving cattle!!

  2. Wow, de-worming the horses must be a pretty challenging task, huh? I don't think I'd be able to do it. I get grossed out VERY easily. I have a weak stomach which I inherited from the Irish side of my family, like everything else I have (blonde hair, fair complextion, blue eyes, long skinny legs, and long skinny feet). :P Yeah, I know... hate it!

    ~Eldarwen Failariel~

  3. Lol! I'm VERY Irish too! More than 50%, I know. But yeah, I've got the sensitive stomach too! Eeerrrg! I HATE IT!! Sometimes it's so bad I wish I could have it removed....:/
    I've also got the lankiness and blues eyes, but I'm also a bit German so that balances out somethings