Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple Sauce!! and some other thingies:)

These last days, as the cold wind blows outside, Mum and I have been making apple sauce from homegrown apples. De-lish! Sooo good on a winter day! I ate a whole pint by myself!
Yesterday was rather eventful too. Firstly, my brother and I got to go in to town!{we go less than three times a week al right?} Sadly, it was because of dentist appointments.:P I've got braces so it was the usual and I also got my teeth cleaned. But, because I have braces, they can't use the brushes and stuff they usually do, but instead had to scrape them clean.O.o It wasn't too bad, until I realized that the taste in my mouth wasn't the metal of the scrapper thing but blood! That's when it started hurting real bad. Now, I'm not at all squeamish when it comes to blood but I'm pretty sure my eyes were huge. O.O because the hygienist kept apologizing. Or maybe it was because of all the blood. *gulp*
Anyways, the GOOD news about the whole ordeal is that I might get my train tracks off before Christmas! Whooot! And my brother has to get them>:) He was teasing me so bad when I had to get them because his teeth were perfectly straight but then he got some pulled and now he has to get them>:} Bwahahahaha! Revenge! 
I also joined a youth orchestra as a first violin. The only problem I have with it is... well, most everyone else stinks.(:/ I'm not trying to be mean, but, out of about 23 only five of us are serious about it and so it's really discouraging to work hard all week and then play with the rest of the group and sound like a bunch of dying cats O.o
   My teacher put me next to one boy to help him stay on tune.... let's just say that wasn't his only problem.
I am capable of being in the professional chamber orchestra{and I was last year} but they only play Classical and me, being a Celtic fiddler, I hate the strictness of Classic music so I went for the teen group. I'll tell ya, though, Classical was sounding pretty good at the end of last night's practice, if ya know what I mean.
And we only have one practice before we have to preform. O.o Aaaaaaahhhh!!!
*in a higher voice than normal* We'll see how this goes (:)-l


  1. Yeah I went through the whole braces thing! Totally sucked, especially because my sister only had to have a retainer. Glad you get them off soon. Unfortunately the retainer is a bigger pain than the braces. :(

    Can't help you with the music thing. I love playing the piano but my timing sucks!!

  2. Ugh. Thanks for telling me l:L lol!

  3. Lol, same here too. Braces and retainers. Yessir, if you think the braces are bad, just wait for the evil plastic things. ;) It gets even worse when they up it to a thicker retainer! Whoohoo, I'm sure glad that's all over with. *grins* Don't worry tho, it isn't all THAT bad...especially if you have a high pain tolerance. :)

    You sure have been busy! Fun post, I got a few laughs outta that. :)