Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Time cut! Time cut!"

Sorry I haven't been posting! As the title says, there has been a time cut on my computer time. A severe cut. Normally I am able to have an hour, but now I have only thirty minutes! That means if I were to upload more than seven pictures on here, I would only have about ten minutes for every thing else! Blast it! 
This restraint is because of school and a few problems with the lil bro getting on the computer loads.... 
I may be able to get 45 minutes if I haggle with mum a bit.... but I don't know. I'll try to get my drawings and keep my horse blog updated.

Well, there you have it, if you were interested.

P.S. Sorry I keep forgetting to post more about my life and stuff. I always think "Why would they be interested in my daily chores, etc.?" Well, I'll try and do better. Without going over thirty minutes. O.o *sigh*

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  1. Oh, no! That's so unfair that your time is getting cut b/c of your brother. ((hugs))