Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some more drawings....but not all of them

This one I really liked drawing. Its an Irish Wolfhound finding a lost colt in a blizzard. I named it 'Snow Angel'
This is horse is named Charm, he's from a book I read awhile back.

You've probably seen this guy on my sidebar. His name is Sun Brier from 'King of the Wind'. He's my best horse drawing and needless to say my favorite.:) *gushes*

I'm having mixed emotions about this one. I kind of like it and yet.... not. :s

This isn't all of them. I probably will post a couple more drawings post.
All items are copyright of Gwyniver.


  1. Love them. =) Do you use the circle thing to draw your horses? I'd like to see a full-body drawing of a horse, to see how you do the hind legs.

  2. No I don't use shapes to 'build' my drawings. Honestly, they just confuse me and mess up my proportions.
    A full bodied horse? Hehe, I have to admit I'm not great at legs, but I'll see if I can scrounge one up that has legs, and if not I'll draw one:)