Monday, September 21, 2009

Quiz Results!!


Age: {est.}14 1/2

Gwyn struggles in a world that views women as total inferiors to men. She wants to fight and prove that women too can do adventurous things. She longs to explore the world and discover new things; and one day, she shall. 

Gwyn is constantly getting in to trouble, from falling asleep in lessons to endangering half the population with a crazed runaway horse. She loves practical jokes, especially when it concerns a snake and some hapless person’s bed.

But Gwyn also has a quiet side, though seldom seen. She loves music and books, but most of all she loves the tales, or legends of old that are passed down orally through songs and plays. 

Ëarwen and Olive Tree, you are most like Gwyn: Independent, mischievous, brave, and in love with animals. And perhaps a bit fool hardy. 

Emy{pron. ee-mee}:

Age: 14

Emy has been best friends with Gwyn since childhood, her mother taking Gwyn in as almost a second daughter until her tragic death left Emy an orphan at age 7.

Emy is almost the exact opposite of Gwyn. She enjoys quiet and peace and wishes wistfully of the life of a noble. 

Her lovely singing and dancing has promoted her to the higher parts of the traveling minstrels.

She hopes to one day be married to a good man and be a good mother to their children.  She clings tightly to the Bible and the LORD.

Emy is a good counter weight to rambunctious Gwyn, though she has some what despaired of ever teaching her friend to be a true lady.

Eldarwen, you are most like Emy: Quiet, sweet and wise.


Age: 15

Will’s past is darkened by a rough childhood, but despite that he is friendly and fun to be around. Thoughtful at times, reckless in others. 

He comes along later in the story than the others, so I shan’t say too much more about him.:){And also he’s ‘under construction’; He hasn’t told me much about himself yet;)}

Bethany, you are most like Will: Friendly, funny and with a few secrets.

Nobody was Tyrel and I don’t have much time left so I won’t write up his part. Sorry Tyrel!

I hope you guys enjoyed the quiz!


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