Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Has this been the worst week(s) for me or what?

(more)Horrible news! My dear lil' mini lop, Mr Bunn is gone! And I am sad to say that he has no chance of returning:'(
You see, every morning I would let him out of his cage and he would run free the whole day and be put back in at night(because of coons, coyotes, owls, etc.). Rabbits are very 'homey', so to speak; they never venture far from their homes where they can hide and be safe if need be, so I didn't worry about him running away(especially since the other bunny was still caged). Well, a few nights ago he wasn't around to be put in. I searched all around the barn yard and sheds and no Bunn. I looked every where! Finely I had to give up and go back to the house, hoping he would survive the night. Well, that night I woke up to the sound of--*gulps*-- coyotes. Nooooo! And then another horrid sound: a rabbit in distress. I leaped out of bed and grabbed a torch. Running outside I searched for the place the racket was coming from. The rabbit was still screaming so it was still alive. I was still looking when the sound stopped and everything went quiet. I had no idea where to look and no sound to guide me, so I had to go back and wait for morning. In the morning I found nothing. Not one tuft of hair.
   It's been a few days since then and still no sign of Mr Bunn. I'm sad to finely conclude that it was Mr Bunn that night. No rabbit survives long out here. Especially tame ones.

The reason I didn't post this while it happened was because I was hoping to turn it in to a happy lost and found safe post. Guess not. <:'( 

Another sad note: My brother's newt, Herold the Second has died. Sad days! 
Us being us, we couldn't just dig a grave for him. No, we sent him off like a king! We gave him a funeral pier of gasoline and a dixie cup! *kaboom kaboom!* We love playing dangerous! and what better way to say good bye to our Herold?
*Note: Mum and Dad were at a dinner party while this commenced:P


  1. I"m so sorry Gwyniver! I got a 10 week old black kitten (I named him Marly) for my birthday two years ago and I had him 3 weeks. He got good enough to where I could trust him running around outside during the day without running off, plus he loved me, he normally wouldn't leave me. So, one night I couldn't find him (like Mr. Bunn), so I hesitantly went inside and didn't sleep at all that night. The next morning I woke up and searched our whole 10 acres calling for him (and he would always come before when I called him) and no Marly. Then I saw a coyote. I went back to the house (because the ones our here are not afraid of you) and I never saw Marly again. :( I miss him. He was the best cat. But, of course my dog Ty didn't like him, but who cares. I miss him. There's not cat that could possibly ever replace him! I'm so sorry about Mr. Bunn!!

    ~Eldarwen Failariel~

  2. Some of our coyotes arn't afraid off people too. So I took the .22

  3. Yes, I would've taken the 22, but I was only 13, so my dad wouldn't let me. That's why I went inside. Plus, it was the dead of winter and it was like, 20 degrees outside. The ground was covered in ice and I knew that coyote must've been hungry.

    ~Eldarwen Failariel~

  4. What comfort can I offer?

    Only that I know how it feels.

  5. Aw! I'm so sorry! I had a similar experience, a lot like Eldarwen Failariel described. She was the sweetest and smartest orange tabby ever (actually trainable and loved our dogs, but all our cats have loved out dogs:). She was let out one night (mainly an outside cat) and...didn't come back. We bellowed and called but she just didn't come back. A few hours later we heard coyotes. I suppose they got her. What really stinks though was that she was pregnant. *sigh*

  6. Aww, that's sad Felicia and Eldarwen!
    Thanks Bracie; I know(:}