Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Homeschool Picnic/ role play

Yesterday evening was our Homeschooler's picnic/ kicking off the school year.
There were a lot of new families this year, which I found odd. Usually we have only one or two new people join us, but this year there was at least seven! Most of them are young families, with toddlers and preschool-aged kids, so now we have even more little people running about! It's chaos!
Last night I just had to laugh at our motley crew. Most of us(homeschoolers) are ranchers too far away from anything to even consider public schooling. But there are the, hmm, how would you describe them? Urban types?
The rancher dads talk about cows(or in my friend's case, buffalo) and sheep while on the other side, the {I'll just call them urban} dads talk about their jobs and stuff like that.
The rancher moms will talk about cows, jams, veg gardens, kids, ect. and the urban moms will talk about laundry and their children.
I'm not favoring or anything, this is what was really being said last night. It was kinda funny:) Its like two different languages! Almost.;)

After awhile I got tired of talking about...hmm, I don't even remember what it was us teen girls were talking about.:s So, I found my friend Jamie and we walked around the park. Several times. 
I wanted to join the boys and play kick ball; it looked like so much fun! But none of the other girls wanted to, making up various reasons why they couldn't("Its immature,"). I didn't want to be the only girl! 
*sigh* It stinks getting old:(
Ah, well. I'll go riding today and maybe tonight and that will make me feel better:)

Oh, before I forget, the role play ends tonight at midnight*(mt. time)! {*it has to sound professional!}:P

Till later then!



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  2. Gwyn, that would be GREAT if you could help with Ancient Oak! I know next to nothing about Western, and what with school things have been really crazy. I'll turn on comment moderation on AO for a day or so until you comment with your email (I do wish that wasn't necessary).

    Basically, all it is is checking in every day (or whenever you have the chance) and adding new horses. About twice a week there's a competition or class or trail ride of some sort, that's the fun part. =)


  3. Lol! and I know Nothing about English! lol! XD Funny how things work out, huh? :P
    'kay I send the info

  4. That's fun! Hod do you like school?

  5. Hi there, this is my forst visit to your blog (I arrived here from Eruanna's blog). If you have a moment, feel free to stop by my blog (Footprints in the Sand). I see that you're homeschooled, so am I. A few weeks ago, our homeschool group had a beginning of the year picinic too.