Saturday, September 12, 2009

Horrid reminder that summer is over....

*groans* Last night I began my 'odd exercises' {as some people call them} again after neglecting them all summer. I'm paying for it now! My back is tight, my arms feel like they're about to fall off and my stomach  hurts. Even typing hurts! How pathetic is that??
What I do twice a day is a mixture of yoga {thank goodness I already have good balance; another thanks to horses!} stretches and aerobics.
I start with the stretches gradually shift over to 'yoga', {or my poor excuse for yoga} then I begin with the harder stuff; 20 push ups{I feel it!}, 25 sit ups, heaven knows how many times I do the weights...! I don't count because it makes me tired faster thinking of all those pull ups! 
As I uncurled this morning I was reminded by my stiff self that I had to do it all again. Wimp that I am, I curled up and slept for another hour. Grrr. By the time I did get up{mad at my self} it was nearly 8! I did do the exercises, however, much to the protest of my limbs.
And through the pain and stiffness, I feel very good about myself. I love the physical challenge{even if it doesn't sound like it} it gives me and the sense of accomplishment and the over all healthy feel I get afterwards.
Another thing that keeps me going is competition. You're going to think me extremely dumb, but, the person I compete with is actually my own character from my book, Gwyn. Ridiculous, huh? Yeah, but it helps. Every time I feel like quitting I think of her and how she would be able to do it for a lot longer, and it drives me on. I will not have a character in better condition then me!! Lol! I guess I set a goal for myself without even noticing X-)
Well, we'll see how long I can compete with my imagination before I drop dead.

Oh! and if I do survive until tonight, you can expect more drawings...:)



  1. LOL, I try to be like the main character in my novel, Exta. Tricky, but 50 crunches in the morning and 50 at night helps... LOL. I tried yoga... I was stiff for the rest of the week. I think I might take it up again though... I ran two miles every day before school started. Still do on the weekends.

    Yay drawings!

    RP has started... come on over!

  2. I not alone!! Yay!!
    Yeah, I forgot to mention that I will try and work up to 100 crunches and push ups by next spring. If I don't collapse first. lol! Like today as my second time I did 21 instead of 20, and tonight it'll be 22 and so on....:D
    Oh, joy!