Monday, August 30, 2010

Long, long journey

Hallo again, everyone! I'm back! Heavens, it feels like I've been away forever. I can't believe it's only been four days!
 Everything went well, or as well as it could{I hate that 14 hour drive} and we got a lot done for my grandma. Since that almost sums up the trip and because I'm also writing up the drawing tutorial, I'll tell the rest through photos :)

This is Lucy, one of the three dogs my aunt dropped off at grandma's while she goes on a trip. Lucy was very shy at first, but eventually warmed up enough to jump on my lap every time I sat down.
Daisy Mae is the latest edition to my aunt's fur-children. She is quite a ball of energy! Good grief, if she wasn't pestering the older dogs she was climbing over the sofa and/or me. But she is sooo cute! It was very hard to get a decent picture of her, though, because she was eternally dashing about.
... Then she sacked out by my feet. :)

Lucy and Sadie guarding the door. Anytime the doorbell would ring or a car pass by they would come running and barking and they don't obey "Hush" or even "QUIET!!". It about drove me mad! Especially in that house - it echos.
The drive home offered several photo ops. Too bad we were in such a hurry to go there/get back, I had to take them all from the car window. To see more, go here.

I'll be back to post the drawing tutorial soon!

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