Sunday, September 5, 2010

Everything is falling into place

All summer — well, make that ever since May, when my grandmum passed away — my life has felt hectic and rushed: 
I've got to do this and then I've got to do that so I can do this, so then... *gets a phone call* Okay, now I have to do that as well...
 Everything seemed spur of the moment and nothing was regular, I simply bobbed around trying to keep my head above water. Don't get me wrong, I like spontaneous moments. But having no structure at all I've realized, is not a good idea.
In my last post I moaned about having to start school again and how I was dreading it. Looking back I regret it. I looked at that post and thought: Oh for goodness sake! Grow up a bit, Gwyn. Okay, yeah you don't understand algebra very well and struggle with it, but you're not doing anything about it. This isn't like you. One, one "raises the eyebrows!"
So I did do something about it, oh yes. I took it to the highest power. I prayed. I prayed for knowledge and understanding. I got it! I could believe it the next day when I zipped through twenty problems in thirty minutes. And I understood my lessons! On the second day of school in the middle, mind you, of my textbook! There is nothing on this earth that could have done that for me.
 The mind boggles.
And still there are some who refuse to believe in the power of prayer.
{*Tid bit*: Many say they don't believe in prayer because they didn't get what they wanted. Did they ever stop to think that maybe God knew more than they, and that they didn't really need it? Just a thought.}

I have learned much in my first week of school; the importance of balance in everyday life, more of how God works, unequal quantities, exponents and signed numbers, the battle of Troy and Paris and Helen's huge role in it, just to name a few things.

Tomorrow is Monday. I will get up, do my chores, do school and homework, practice music, and play with my animals. I can breathe again. :)

Welcome back Normal, you've been missed.



  1. I know some people who think the same 'I didn't get what I wanted' thing. Love your thought on it!

    I have to really start school tomorrow. The only thing that I really like about it is planing what I will do when, where, and how!

    Thanks for the note on algebra. I am not the best at it either, but God can help me though it if I ask. Thanks again.


  2. I'm glad things are settling down for you and returning to normal. :)

  3. A Pretty Little GiGiSeptember 07, 2010

    I Think your stuff about Algebra + Prayer = Awsomethings Is So Cool! Would You mind if next time I find myself Telling Some one about God And How Amasing He Is if i used youre situation?

    <><A Pretty Little GiGi(Redhead In Hebrew)