Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beatrix Potter style

My Mum and I watched Miss Potter the other day and I have been incredibly inspired to write and paint ever since! I could really relate to Bea when she held her first published book in her hands -- wouldn't that be so awesome?? I highly recommend that movie to all writers and painters :)

From The Tale of Two Bad Mice

Here are her watercolor paintings...
From The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

... And here are mine.

What do you think? Do you like them? Has anything recently inspired you? I want to know! :D

Sorry this is such a short post, but I must dash!


  1. I love those drawings! Great job. :) I've been a fan of Beatrix Potter ever since I was a toddler.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the quiet beauty and innocence of your paintings.

    I just read some old writings. Inspiration was inevitable...

  3. Wow Gwyn! Those are pretty awesome. I would definitely read a book with those illustrations. ;)

  4. Ah, I love Beatrix Potter and that movie, even though it makes me cry every time.

  5. Wow I love those watercolors you did. They are awesome!!

  6. Thank you all, you gals are all tooo nice!:)
    I must admit I was very excited when I saw how well they came out :D Up till now I've considered my watercolor skills non-existent! Hopefully I can continue to nurse this seedling into a full blossom!

  7. They're really good! Keep it up ;)

    I remember watching videos of the animals that she made. Like "Peter Rabbit", "Flopsy Bunnies", and "Mrs. Mouse Something", I don't know its been a long time ago since I watched them. :)

  8. Your paintings are awesome! I've never had the nerve to try painting. ;)

    Just read some old writings today, I feel like writing a whole book shelf of novels!! lol!


  9. LOVE that film, and I adore Beatrix Potter, always been charmed by her books! <3

  10. Those drawings gave me inspiration for a story! HA HA. They were toooooo cute.... you're very talented!
    love manda