Monday, September 20, 2010

My dear Molly dog

Molly, Molly, Molly... nearly 10 years and still strong!
 Though born on Halloween, her heart is of pure gold. Her brown eyes speak volumes, and her smile says it all.

Quiet and unassuming, she hangs back as the bouncing Hammie and the mooch Hooey shove with side and shoulder for your attention. But she's always there to greet you coming home with a Roo-roo! and happy tail-wag.
The chickens enjoy the cool dirt dog "beds" under our deck almost as much as the dogs :)
A friend to all Creation - except for a few hapless rabbits in her younger days — she has become Mother Hen to our chickens and caretaker of all small rodents she finds on her wide roamings.

The first dog to live on the farm, she has had numerous adventures including escapades going far beyond our farm's boundaries. Every time we saddle up she gets all excited, bouncing up and down and rooing until were off on another exciting adventure.

She was once accused of killing a neighbor's hen. Though it was never proven if she had, Da roped the dead chicken to her collar as punishment. Baring it with a look of utter humiliation and disgrace, she sat where she was as if chained, refusing to look at anyone except with the occasional pleading glance. Her joy when she was released was laughable, she bounced from one person to the next as if to say Look! I'm free!

Her unconditional love of family — and pond water — would be an inspiration to the World if they but knew her. {Well, maybe not the part about the pond water...} She is our simper fidelis.

I love my animals. :) Tell me about yours!


  1. That's so sweet! I loved reading this :)

  2. I have two dogs named Belle and Jingle Bells, and four cats and only two are named. :D Their names are Cinderpelt and Tawny.

    I've had Belle for 10 years (she looks like your dog too btw) but her health is not doing too good.
    She doesn't bark or eat her normal food, but one look from her adorable brown eyes says it all. :) "I love you, Belle!"

    Jingle Bells is our other dog and we've had for three years, I think. She DESIRES for attention and if she doesn't get it, she'll bark, bark, and bark until she takes a short break and then starts it again. But she's cure and I adore her still. :)

    Cinderpelt was an accidentel pet. My dad found her on the side of the road one day, wandering around and looking half-starved, so he brought her home and I fell in love with her ever since. :) Of course now she doesn't like to be touch or petted but she'll always have this speicial place in my heart.

    Tawny is sooo lovable! When I sit down at the porch swing, she'll jump on me, curl her body over my lap and begin to doze off in a nap. She (unlike her mother Cinderpelt) likes to be petted and get all the attention. She's the cat who'll always make me smile whenever I think of her. :)

    That's all I got to say about my pets. I hope you spend as much time as you can with your pets and cherish the memories you have together. :)

  3. She has such a sweet face! One of my dog's, a black lab, also has those big brown eyes and total devotion. She's sniffing my leg and keyboard even as I type this. :)

  4. Awww what a great post! Talking about Molly rooing reminds me of my black German Shepherd I had growing up that did that. He was the best. Thanks for making me smile. :)

  5. Well.... (You might want to sit down. This could take a while and could very easily end up being a novel.)

    I have three cats, two dogs, 30 chickens, and 4 horses. There's really not much to say about the cats, but my two dogs -- now that's an interesting story!

    My first (and oldest) dog, Dakota, is a newfoundland dog and is pure black at 7 yrs old. She is really friendly, though fairly slobbery, and truly enjoys company. She is a very fast learner, but that is only if you can keep her attention! She tends to pay attention to things in her head more than you, but she is still friendly!

    Turbo, on the other hand, is my 5 yr old black lab. He is a handful! He's big for a lab, and used to like to jump. One time, though, he jumped on me and I pushed him off, stomped my foot right in front of him, and yelled NO! Yes, that was the end of the jumping. Turbo is the kind of dog that is the first to greet you, always arriving at the gate first and promptly backig up a good four or five feet once you unlatch the gate. Turbo is fully leash trained and knows how to "sit", "stay", "leave it alone", "get it", and "let's go for a run". I taught him everything he knows. =)

    As for the horses..... This could take a while. Hm. Well, let's just divide it up into names:

    Tarzan ~ My 9 y/o Morgan gelding who is full of spunk and energy. Really, if you ride him, you will constantly be thinking; "What is this, a freight train?" =) Zan was first trained western pleasire, then contesting, and now I am training him hunt seat. He has the most adorable face you will eve see on a black gelding, I can guarantee!

    Missy ~ The 22 yr old barrel racing / western pleasure / halter horse. She was a champion barrel racing horse back in 2005/2006, but her owner had to stop showing due to family issues. Now, though, her owner has decided to let me 'co-own' her for now, and she is teaching me to barrel race. Our first show is in October, against one of my dearest friends! Missy is fabulous - walks into a ring like a dead head, will pack around lesson kids for days, and stands for baths, farrier, vet and teeth. Her only vice is that she is slightly hard to load due to falling out of the bottom of a trailer on the interstate years ago before her current owner had her.

    Grinder ~ Missy's AQHA registered 4 y/o black gelding. He is green broke and is a sweetheart. Though he walks slowly......

    Lucy - My 9 y/o AQHA chestnut mare. She wad abandoned by her previous owner and I adopted her. As I had started to re-train her under saddle, her feet started to have problems (abscess, lame on all 4 feet) and she was put on stall rest. We just started letting her out in an actual pasture (as apposed to the round pen we let he roam as we cleaned her stall). We don't think she'll ever be ridden again.

    That's pretty much it.... Again, can't say much for the cats and chickens!!!!! Sorry for the novel... I could talk about my pets all day!! =D