Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ah, the joys of Summer...

I love summer. Period.

 The bright, sunny mornings when everything is so fresh and new.
 The hot afternoons when you've finished work for the day and can sit in the shade of a tall, leafy ash, a good book nestled in your hands{current read: The Looking Glass Wars} and your favorite dog leaning against your legs.

But my favorite time is the long evenings and brilliant sunsets. My time to ride.
  Lately my friend Jacque{formerly CC} has been up at her grandparents, my neighbors, and we've gotten to ride together a lot. Or should I say adventuring? We go up the gullies and down through the trees, Jake, Jacque's horse, often finding the lowest branches to walk under, much to her dismay.
 Roanie's spooking problem is gradually getting better. She used to dance-out and lurch at the slightest rustle in the bushes, but since we've been riding with Jacque and Jake, I've made her lead, something she is not accustomed to. It's been interesting to say the least :P With monsters lurking in that sagebrush, or just over the hill. The wildlife has boomed up there in the pasture too, adding to the experience. So far I've seen two foxes{probably they have a litter of pups together :)}, a band of young buck whitetails, a stray antelope, a coyote, a hawk family with a giant nest, a huge "friendly" owl that took a swoop at us and freaked Roanie out the rest of the ride, a badger, a skunk loping weirdly up the valley, and countless cottontail bunnies and jack rabbits.

The sunset last night was fantastic, I only regret that I had no working camera to capture it. Describing it with words is impossible. But the colors.... Fiery orange, purest gold lining, shining white, soft, muted pinks, and cool river blue...

I can't help being thankful for the place GOD has planted me. It's just so perfect and complete.

What is your special time and place? What does a beautiful sunset mean to you?



  1. For Me a beautiful Sunset is a reminder of Gods Awsome Power.

  2. You and your riding pal sound a lot like me and mine! My friend and I (who also has a horse named Jake) go adventuring out on the trails and I work on Indy's spooking problem. :P Once we got "lost" - we could have gotten out of the woods if we had wanted to, but instead we decided to let Jake lead us home, like they do in the books :) He did it, too!

  3. I agree with Anna. It reminds me of God's awesome power. :)

  4. How is "The Looking Glass Wars"? I've been thinking of reading it myself.

  5. The Looking Glass Wars is a neat book. I haven't read very far into it yet - maybe 80 pages or so - but I really like the story, its very unique and has the old fairy tale style to it: whimsical yet can be rather violent. I would recommend it :)