Thursday, August 19, 2010

A day at the fair

Yesterday was day one of fair week; the day when you show all your projects to the judges.
 As usual it was very hot and humid, and in the huge and ancient pavilion where all the judging is conducted, the heat and humidity are multiplied ten times. The lines to the photography judges was unbelievable -- I was in line for a little over an hour. One little girl had 18 different photography projects to show. There has got to be a limit of five next year. Life is tooooo short.

Ribbon color code: Purple = 1st place :: Blue = 2nd :: Red = 3rd :: White = The worst! It means that you could have done a lot better, or just "you failed."
 If the ribbon is a top purple it means the project should go to the State Fair. If it's a top blue, then its exemplary. 

 Aside from the long lines, however, I did have a good time. My two photography projects got a top purple and a top blue! My hanging basket I weaved for church got a purple as well as my drawing, and my antique college they wanted to take to State! But I said no, since the photos and letters were originals and could not be replaced if lost.
 My bread I got a blue on — big surprise there! The judge was really tough and my poor bead was heavy and dry; yet it got a blue! My little brother's bread was better and he got a red. Is there something I missed?
 My necklace also got a top blue. I don't know why I didn't get a purple, though. She said everything on it was wonderful — and then handed me a blue ribbon. ??
 I don't have pictures of my projects to share with you, as they are all down at the fairgrounds still and will be until Saturday night. But, I do have several pictures of our cool old fair buildings :)

Inside the pavilion, looking into the rafters over three stories high. Make you dizzy if you look at it too long.

Quilts for show on the second floor.

Looking out at the 4-H hall where my club's booth is.
Outside the pavilion

This is one of my favorites.

Lunch for me was... Coke and brother's purple ribbon brownies :)

On the way home...
Oh, I just have to tell you! I saw the cutest little puppy in the world yesterday! Omigoodness! A little brown and white Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix{yes, that's what Hammie is too}. Goodness gracious he was so cute! Giant brown eyes, floppy ears, big Corgi feet, and a tiny little body. And he wuves meeee... *sighs*
 I cannot believe I did not have the camera with me. That is the worst no-camera situation I have ever, ever, ever been in.

Now I must dash in a hurry, dear readers.... because I forgot about some chores I have to do. Oops!


  1. I have a Corgi!! They have to be the cutest dogs EVER.

    I am liking the pictures a lot, especially the doorknob one. Old things are beautiful.

    4H looks fun- I have always wanted to go back to it (I was in a homeschool sect or whatever with my family when I was 7 or 8), but have never gotten around to it. :/ Maybe someday...

    ~Margaret Rowena

  2. I would love to do 4-h. Haven't gotten to it! ;)

    My favorite photo was of the window and barn. Love that!


  3. Those are some lovely photos. =) I love the name of your blog, btw.

  4. I'm not in 4H either! But I would loooove to join. I think our family is going to do it next year. Is it true you win money with your ribbon? lol Just curious...

    P.S. Sorry I did not comment on your other post, but I think a tutorial on drawing eyes would be fantastic!

  5. Thank you, Olivia :)

    And Ellyn, yep, it true you do win money for ribbons - but not very much ^_^ Depending on what the project and ribbon placing the amount will vary: a purple on a craft might get you $1 while a purple on livestock would bring about $5