Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy, busy! Dreadfully busy..!

Anyone remember that VeggieTales song? I can't believe I do. :P But it's true none the less; my week has been packed with a capital "P". I think I mentioned in my last post that my sister who moved far away for college is back in between her semesters. We've been doing some fun stuff, and yesterday was my other sister's birthday {I'm really just going to have to name everyone - it's getting confusing even for me! I can't imagine what you guys think. I'm crazy, right?}. She is so hard to shop for so I ended up beading her a really cool necklace. I almost kept it -- almost.

 Shopping has been almost daily. Ugh. Once and a while I like it, but right now I would welcome never seeing another clothing dummy. Ever. Again. And today we went to the Big City far, far away to hit the mall to stock up on clothes. I've never been a fan of fashion trends, tending to create my own thing, and this Fall is no exception to my taste.  I was glad to see that the girl's clothes are slowly becoming more modest, pulling away from the deep cleavage that used to be so "in" awhile back, and now going more for scoop necks -- some of them aren't great, but better.
 I cannot believe some of the colors in the young men's section: pastel purples, barbie pinks, and lady-looking blue hues -- heeeellloooo! These are for guys, people!

 Alas! Areopostal(sp?) failed me this day by taking out their clearance rack. Nooooo! I loved their clearance and got many a good bargain on tees. I even got my favorite pair of jeans for $10 on it. And now it's gone. *sad face*
 I bought a bleached purple jacket there that I really like, and of course jeans. I always need jeans. :)

Great news!! The camera is functioning again! That means I'll be able to do another Little Fun Thing tutorial soon. I'm thinking of doing one on how to draw realistic eyes... Any thoughts?

 Also, this week is Fair week. I'm kind of excited -- yet not. My 4-H group is very "community service minded", i.e. that's all. we. ever. do. Cleaning up highway ditches, selling hotdogs at grungy gas stations {eep! Never do, people! Never do!} and the like at least once a month. It wouldn't be so bad if we did something fun too, but we don't. So, I'm thinking this is my last year. Heck, I've been in 4-H for 11 years!
 Anyway back to the fair... I'll be showing three necklaces - two beaded{and soon for sale!}, and one horse hair; several photographs; breads; drawings; the basket I made in weaving class at church; and... hmm... something else...? I'm sure I'm missing somethings...

 So there you have a full update on the goings on in my life. How do you like the colored text? Is it a keeper? And about the how to draw eyes, would you be interested in learning that?
 I'll try and keep in touch.



  1. I like the colored text!

    Sure, I'd be interested in learning how to draw eyes! I'm horrible at it right now. :P

  2. I like the colored text too!
    And yes I'd be interested in learning how to draw eyes! I'm horrible at it right now. :P

  3. The colored text is fine. Adds some color!

    Eyes!?! Oh, I'd love that! (Nope. Not good at it)

    Have fun at the fair. Hope you win something!